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McLaren "Nose" best?

882   //    17 Mar 2012, 18:36 IST

Most fans of Formula have already gone through this debate of the new front wing nose that Mclaren Mercedes have applied for their 2012 car. While all the other teams have gone for the kinky nose,not anything related to sex, the front nose just suddenly develops a kink to lower it as per new F1 regulations, McLaren don’t have the same design applied for their car. The car does look rather good,beautiful compared to some of the other ones on the grid and as it is said, “If the car looks good, it will perform good”

Smooth and clean, how a nose should be

The other teams have not protested this said new nose yet, it will be a matter of time, if McLaren are successful or in F1 terms, faster and better than the others, you can sure as hell bet a Ferrari led protest or even a Schumi rant. In all seriousness there is a need for something different to come into F1, the cars have not looked as good as they did before the regulations came in for no refuelling during pitstops and the limitation in testing of cars during the season to reduce costs.

Kinky enough?

Pushing the envelope is what Formula 1 was all about and McLaren are trying to do just that but all bets for this season are on a Red Bull domination yet again, they have looked very strong during testing especially during the long runs or mammoth test sessions which last for 60-70 laps, a proper race distance. Seb Vettel also seems to be as hungry as a young fat kid looks into a sweet shop before diwali and who would bet against him from winning and dominating this season yet again?.

The closest rivals are McLaren again and Mercedes, yes the Schummi team, they are the best bet to try and beat the Flying Bulls, also we cannot rule out Jenson Button who seems to be the calm and composed one in McLaren who could provide the proper fight that all F1 fans want to see. No one likes to see such domination as Red Bull performed last year, apart from the Red Bull fans of course but after a while the interest in the sport is lost. Ferrari sadly seem far away from the front row , even Alonso has admitted that the car is not what it should be “We are obviously not quick enough, not competitive to fight for the top places at the moment,” Alonso said Saturday.

While I write this article after the qualification of the Australian Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton has claimed pole position and is followed by Jenson Button with the Red Bulls occupying the 3rd row. Surprise ,surprise Lotus’ Romain Grosjean starts 3rd and Schummi ,7 time world champion is 4th.

So far so good for McLaren, IF and it is a big IF Mclaren do pull of the win at Melbourne, maybe it would be time for the other teams to pick McLaren’s nose – not in a dirty way, we don’t want another Spygate.

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