7-time F1 champion Lewis Hamilton explains the hardest thing he's done to become the legend he is today

F1 Grand Prix of Turkey
Lewis Hamilton of Mercedes and Great Britain during the F1 Grand Prix of Turkey at Intercity Istanbul Park on November 15, 2020 in Istanbul, Turkey. (Photo by Peter Fox/Getty Images)

Lewis Hamilton spoke about the difficult times he faced as a child, and ultimately how focusing on his goals and never giving up helped him reach where he is today.

When the Briton was asked about how he became the person he is today, he revealed that though the people around him let him down, he was always focused on what he wanted to achieve in life.

Speaking on the On Purpose with Jay Shetty podcast, Hamilton advised to stay strong and to never give up:

"The things that you face, the adversities that you face, the discrimination, and just continuing to keep your head up, continuing to march on ahead, towards your dream, and never losing sight."
"I think that's definitely for sure the most difficult thing; to keep your goal and your eyes set on that, and not being distracted, and not giving up."

The 7-time F1 world champion believes that being distracted or giving up are the easiest things in life. He recommends that while most people find it difficult to carry on with the task they are on, or the goal they are trying to achieve, it is extremely important to carry on with it in order to achieve success. He also reinforced that this was one of the ways he achieved success in his life, saying:

"The hardest thing is to keep going, but we have to continue to hold on, and I would imagine for many people out there, that is probably the most difficult thing."
🏆 103 wins⏱ 103 pole positions🏅 191 podiums⚡ 61 fastest laps🔥 19 hat tricks🔢 4,405.5 pointsThe @LewisHamilton story continues in 2023...

Lewis Hamilton hoping to win in the upcoming season

Lewis Hamilton has established himself in the record books of Formula 1. He is arguably one of the best drivers to ever step onto the grid and he has shown it with 7 world drivers' championships and many other records that he made to his name. However, after losing the championship in the 2021 season, the Briton had an extreme downfall in the season that followed.

Lewis Hamilton's downfall was arguably mostly due to the Mercedes W13 challenger, which was highly uncompetitive against its rivals because of aerodynamical issues. This meant that Hamilton ended the season without a single race win for the first time in his entire F1 career.

2023 @F1 season, loading... ■■■■■■■■■□□

However, with the W14, both the team and Lewis Hamilton are confident about bringing back the challenge the team had previously. The Briton believes that they will be battling for the championship yet again, in a three-way battle between themselves, Ferrari, and Red Bull.

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