F1 pundit explains why Ferrari struggled in wet weather conditions

F1 Grand Prix of Monaco
F1 Grand Prix of Monaco - Charles Leclerc drives in Monaco (Photo by Mark Thompson/Getty Images)

F1 pundit Mark Hughes claims Ferrari struggled in the wet conditions in Monaco due to the setups chosen for the weekend. The Scuderia went with an extremely low ride height in Monaco, which affected the SF-23's performance over bumps and crests, especially given the conditions.

The team from Maranello had a disappointing performance in Monaco, lacking in both speed and strategy. Their sub-par pace, coupled with a dubious strategy from the Red team, meant only a P6 and P8 finish for Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz.

While the Ferrari SF-23 did show decent pace on the hard compound tire at the start of the race, the team struggled to keep up with rivals when the rain hit the streets of Monte Carlo towards the end of the event.

Carlos Sainz was unable to control his car in the wet conditions and had a slow collision with the wall towards the end of the race. Speaking about Ferrari's suboptimal pace in the wet, Mark Hughes told The Race podcast:

"They were running pretty low which was why their behavior was bad over the bumps. That's something that you really don't want in wet conditions. It's not good under braking - when it's in that position."
"They were being greedy with the ride height because the lower you can run it, the more downforce you can create. It wasn't in a happy place all weekend but it was particularly not good in the wet."

Ferrari is making the same operational errors as last year, claims F1 pundit

F1 commentator Mark Hughes provided a blunt evaluation of Ferrari's current position in the 2023 F1 season, asserting that the team continues to be susceptible to operational mistakes despite the appointment of a new team principal.

The Scuderia encountered difficulties in executing their pit strategies in Monaco, resulting in them missing out on a favorable outcome. While driving through the streets of Monte Carlo, Sainz expressed his annoyance at the team's lack of clear communication over the radio.

Charles Leclerc remained on the track for a longer duration compared to his teammate. However, despite the impending rain, he was advised against prolonging his stint. Choosing to extend it could have potentially increased his prospects once the rain eventually arrived.

Ultimately, Leclerc achieved a sixth-place finish, while Sainz ended up in eighth position at the Monaco race. Speaking about the team's woes on The Race podcast, Mark Hughes said:

"The questionable strategy comes under the same umbrella, doesn't it? I can't really see that it's changed since last year. I think the only thing that's changed since last year is that they have a less competitive car. I think the operation side of it looks very much like it did."

With Ferrari reported to bring massive upgrades to Spain this weekend, it will be interesting to see if the Scuderia team is able to make leaps towards the front of the grid.

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