Ferrari bringing another set of upgrades to the 2024 Monaco Grand Prix as the F1 giants push to challenge rivals, Red Bull and McLaren

Ferrari F1 Spray Guard Testing Session
Ferrari test drivers Arthur Leclerc and Oliver Bearman during F1 Spray Guard Testing Session at the team's Fiorano Circuit

Scuderia Ferrari, one of the most iconic teams in Formula 1's history, is set to bring a new upgrade package to the 2024 Monaco Grand Prix. The Italian team seems to have preponed the deployment of the small yet 'crucial' upgrades, after witnessing positive feedback at the recently-concluded Imola GP.

Engineers at the Maranello-based outfit focused the upgrades at Imola on two aspects: improving the load quality in qualifying to put more heat into tires in an efficient manner and increasing the overall straight-line efficiency during both qualifying and race.

The SF-24 2.0 update's debut at Imola showcased an overall positive outcome. Although the race results were not much different than the previous events, Ferrari saw a significant drop in the gap with Red Bull Racing's RB20 race car. When compared to Bahrain GP, the Scarlet Red team has managed to recover another two-and-a-half-tenths from Red Bull.

This push for an aggressive upgrade package seems to be the result of witnessing McLaren's results at Miami and Imola. Both races showcased the strengths of the Papaya-colored team's highly modified MCL38 race car. McLaren managed to defeat the seemingly unbeatable combination of Max Verstappen and RB20 race car in Miami and clinched 2nd position (+0.725 seconds) at Imola after a close battle in the final stages.

Ferrari ran all seven races on a universal rear wing. This shows that the overall aerodynamic platform remains stable and is less dependent on a low drag-inducing wing specification to gain more speed. The team is now planning to bring a new high-load rear wing specification and DRS device to Monaco to achieve more balance, without compromising on overall speed.

Major changes expected in Ferrari's SF-24 race car at the Silverstone Grand Prix, to challenge Red Bull and McLaren

Ferrari's major upgrade package, first revealed during a scheduled filming day at the team’s Fiorano Circuit, shows substantial changes to the sidepods, engine cover, and reportedly, the floor.

The sidepod inlets have been redesigned into a new P-shape. This change, along with a new cockpit design alongside the halo, is expected to improve airflow over the car. Ferrari has introduced minor updates to the front and rear wings and also revised the floor edge and diffuser to work in tandem with the bodywork changes.

The Italian team has also reprofiled the rear-top wishbone fairing on the rear suspension in order to improve the overall aerodynamic efficiency of the vehicle. The anticipation surrounding this major upgrade package is high. Charles Leclerc, along with Ferrari's test drivers Arthur Leclerc and Oliver Bearman, have expressed optimism about the package post testing at Fiorano.

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Edited by Luke Koshi
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