"You shouldn't take the problem with the car to yourself" - Former F1 driver praises Charles Leclerc's behavior post-DNF at 2022 F1 Spanish GP

Charles Leclerc's attitude after his DNF in the Spanish GP was praised by the former F1 driver
Charles Leclerc's attitude after his DNF in the Spanish GP was praised by the former F1 driver
Charanjot Singh

As Charles Leclerc was leading the Spanish GP in the early stages of the race, his victory seemed certain. However, everything turned on its head when the Ferrari driver suffered a power unit failure, causing him to DNF.

Many found it endearing to watch his demeanor after the DNF as he went up to his team and shook everyone's hands and focused on the positives of the weekend.

This caught former F1 driver Jan Lammers' eye as well, as he felt that the Monegasque did not have to worry too much, since he had not put a foot wrong the entire weekend and, especially, in the race.

Monaco 2021 ❤️The first of many podiums together with @CarlosSainz55 🏆#essereFerrari 🔴 #MonacoGP

Lammers said:

“He doesn’t have to worry, but you have to stay clear. So don’t bring the problem with the car to yourself. Conversely, if the drivers make a mistake, then the constructors or the designers shouldn’t worry it’s their fault. Leclerc was on the right track up to that point.”

He added:

“He did what he had to do and nothing wrong. Then it is not your responsibility. Then you just have to be happy with what you have been able to do, with your performance. So the team itself has to focus on the things they are responsible for.”

After his DNF in Barcelona last weekend, Charles Leclerc lost the championship to Max Verstappen by six points.

Charles Leclerc receives praise for not venting on the team

Everything was perfect until the loss of power. Disappointed but it happens over the course of a season and pace was really good before. Next stop : Home ❤️Forza @scuderiaferrari

Charles Leclerc was praised by Lammers for the way he conducted himself after the race. The former F1 driver gave the 24-year-old extra points for not venting his disappointment on his team. He said:

“That’s just how you should treat each other. One minute Leclerc can put the car in the gravel box, wall or crash barrier. The next moment a mechanic could make a mistake or someone else…the team is over 500 people.”

He further said:

“Then all those people have the opportunity to lose the race, so to speak. Depending on the position, of course. They can do something that makes you lose the race, but they cannot alone make you win. That shows how important each individual team member is. They can all make you lose the race, you don’t want that. So yes, it makes sense for him to take that line-up. That you win together and lose together. Today you make the mistake, someone tomorrow different. You’d better deal with it that way.”

Charles Leclerc will be looking to make a strong comeback in his home race, the Monoaco GP, this weekend.

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