"He just wants to see me win" - Max Verstappen expresses his opinion on father Jos' comments that Red Bull did not help him in Monaco

Max Verstappen did not see anything wrong in his father's comments after Monaco
Max Verstappen did not see anything wrong in his father's comments after Monaco

Max Verstappen didn't see much wrong in his father Jos' assertion that the reigning world champion should have been given the preferred strategy in Monaco.

After Sergio Perez won the race in the Principality, Jos Verstappen wrote in his blog that he expected his son, the championship leader, to be given the preferred strategy in the race, while expressing unhappiness with Sergio Perez being accorded the same. The former Benetton driver stated:

“The strategy didn’t help the championship leader [Max Verstappen]. It went completely in Checo’s [Sergio Perez] direction. That was disappointing for me. I wish it had been different for the championship leader.”

Verstappen did not think too much of the comments made by his father and revealed that he'd had a chat with the latter about how the red flag on Saturday was responsible for what happened in the race. He said:

“He just wants to see me win. That’s his opinion. I also told my dad that Sunday’s decisions were a consequence of Saturday, when the red flag had ruined my qualifying.”

When questioned about the comments made by Jos Verstappen, Christian Horner dismissed it as something that "a Dad or a Father" would be expected to say. Claiming that it was all understood and was not a big issue, the Red Bull team principal said:

“The number 1 driver is the driver who is in front, quite simply. That’s why Checo was also told to come into the pits. Max wouldn’t even have had the track position this lap. Dads and fathers are never completely objective. Jos is his own person and his own personality. He has his opinion, and that’s absolutely fine. The reality was for us, of course, a different one. But there is no problem.”

Max Verstappen made a strong comeback in Baku with a dominant win

Amidst suggestions of growing momentum for Sergio Perez at Red Bull, Max Verstappen made a strong statement with a dominant win in Baku. The Red Bull driver had qualified third and was stuck there in the race until Charles Leclerc pitted and unleashed the Dutchman.

The reigning champion systematically cut down on Sergio Perez's lead up front, and when the time came, he overtook the Mexican and went on to build a comfortable margin of 20 seconds in front. With the race in Baku, Verstappen once again established who was the top driver at Red Bull and put to rest any claims that stated otherwise.

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