"It makes you feel like you're going a lot quicker"- McLaren's Lando Norris on racing under lights at F1 Singapore GP

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Lando Norris shares his views on racing under lights at Singapore

Lando Norris reveals that racing under the lights at the F1 Singapore GP does make you feel like you're going a lot quicker. In a sitdown with SkyF1, Lando Norris was asked how it felt to race under the lights in Singapore and the driver revealed that everything felt quicker under the lights even when the lap times were the same. Giving an insight into what an F1 driver goes through, Norris said,

"It makes you feel like you're going a lot quicker just cause of all the lights, especially on a narrow circuit you've got all the big lights everywhere. Just them going past you constantly makes you feel like you're going a lot quicker. So even when you do the FP1, FP3, they're more towards the data. Like 4,5,6 o'clock or something."

The challenge is not only with adjusting to the speed under lights, it's the change of ecosystem. The McLaren driver revealed how all these lights blazing past takes some time to get used to. He said,

"It takes a little bit of time for your mind to get used to all the lights flashing past and for your vision to get used to it and these types of things. So it feels extremely fast and extremely quick, especially when you're getting super close to the walls and you're finding that limit, it's an amazing feeling."

"There's always responsibility" - Lando Norris on being the senior driver at McLaren next season

Lando Norris will be the senior driver at McLaren next season as Oscar Piastri replaces Daniel Ricciardo. This is something that has never been the case with the McLaren driver in his career. When asked what changes would be there with a younger driver coming in, Lando Norris felt nothing really changes as a responsibility. He said,

"I think there's always a lot of responsibility, no matter what period of time you're in. I guess being a slightly more experienced driver, then there is that little extra bit where you can refer back to previous years or previous cars and know what the weaknesses and strengths of the cars are and things like that."

He further added that,

"Using reference points is always a good thing for a team because they know we should avoid this because it was bad last time and so on. I always treat it as there is a lot of responsibility in a time when we're still trying to develop massively. All comments are good and from I guess very different drivers as well."

Lando Norris will team up with young Oscar Piastri next season in what should be a very exciting driver partnership next season.

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