Lewis Hamilton could be affected by F1 notification on jewellery prohibition during races

Lewis Hamilton arrives at the paddock ahead of the 2022 Miami GP
Lewis Hamilton arrives at the paddock ahead of the 2022 Miami GP

Lewis Hamilton has found himself in a difficult position ahead of the inaugural Miami GP. This is because the FIA has announced that checks for jewelry and underwear will be strictly enforced from now on.

Hamilton had previously admitted to wearing jewelry within the car. He even vowed to continue wearing them after F1 race director Niels Wittich warned against the practice a few races ago.

Wearing jewelry and non-standard clothing underneath the fireproof racing overhauls has been illegal for years now. However, former race directors Charlie Whiting and Michael Masi turned a blind eye to the practice.

Furthermore, the FIA had no way to police whether drivers were complying with the rules until now. With an amendment to the Scrutineering Declaration Form issued before the 2022 Miami GP, the FIA has now made checks for jewelry and underwear a standard part of pre-race scrutineering.

Explaining the importance of not wearing jewelry and nonstandard clothing, race director Niels Wittich wrote:

“The wearing of jewellery underneath the required flameproof clothing can reduce the protection afforded by this equipment. Metallic objects, such as jewellery, in contact with the skin can reduce heat transmission protection and thus may increase the risk of burn injuries in the event of a fire.”

Furthermore, Wittich said jewelry could cause “complications” and “delays” during medical imaging following an accident and may even cause further damage. He added:

“In the worst case the presence of jewellery during imaging may cause further injury. Jewellery in and/or around the airway can pose specific additional risks should it become dislodged during an accident and either ingested or inhaled.”

Lewis Hamilton’s body piercings might complicate his Miami GP weekend

After the FIA's initial warning against wearing jewelry such as body piercings and neck chains along with non-standard clothing, many thought Lewis Hamilton was being unfairly targeted.

The seven-time F1 world champion is one of the only drivers who’s been seen wearing jewelry. He has also previously revealed that he has many piercings on his body that he “cannot remove if wanted.”

Meanwhile, new race director Niels Wittich has earned himself a reputation as a stickler for rules who does everything by the book.

Hence, Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes might have a tough time competing at the Miami GP if the former refuses to remove his piercings.

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