Lewis Hamilton's dream F1 race in South Africa 'most likely to hopefully happen soon', says sport's CEO

Lewis Hamilton wants F1 to return to Africa
Lewis Hamilton wants F1 to return to Africa

Lewis Hamilton’s dream of an F1 race in Africa is most likely to become a reality soon, as the sport’s CEO Stefano Domenicali revealed that a deal for South Africa to host a race in the future is reportedly close to being concluded. Speaking to the media, Domenicali said:

“We have two options for a new race, and the most likely to hopefully happen soon is South Africa. It’s part of our agenda, and there is a commitment to see if this could be on the calendar as soon as possible.”

Late last season, Hamilton expressed a desire to race in Africa, saying that F1 should consider having a race on the continent instead of adding more venues in Europe and North America.

If the deal goes through, F1 will be returning to the country after a 29-year long hiatus and at a time when demand for the sport has reached unprecedented heights.

#AMuS F1 is thinking about a rotation principle in the race calendar for the future. There are lots of requests from everyhwere, wanting to host a race: Africa, Asia, USA. There is talks that South Africa wants to host a F1 race again, Morocco as a possible new host.

According to Domenicali, FOM is considering two possible venues to host the race. A custom-built street is the most likely course of action given the recent trends in new venues.

Meanwhile, the Kyalami circuit could also make a return to the sport after last hosting a race in 1993. The circuit, located near the capital city of Johannesburg, is a favorite among drivers and fans alike. Expanding on FOM’s plans, Liberty Media CEO Grey Maffei said:

“Johannesburg is definitely on our list. You’d love to have one in Cape Town, but I’m not sure that’s doable, so Johannesburg is the more likely.”

Lewis Hamilton believes Mercedes could still win in 2022

Lewis Hamilton remains optimistic about Mercedes’ chances of getting a race victory, despite their struggles so far this season. The Briton believes the W13, despite its flaws, has the potential to win if they manage to solve some of its issues. Speaking to Eurosport, he said:

“I think if we can, I think the potential is in this car to win. Do I think it’s a championship-winning car? I don’t have the evidence yet. The porpoising or bouncing just ties our hands behind our back.”
#LewisHamilton - Rewind to that 100th Win

The 37-year-old is one of the only drivers in F1 to have won in every single season since his debut. Even in 2009, when saddled with one of the worst cars of his career, he managed to score a victory late in the season.

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