"Maybe a woman would understand" - Lewis Hamilton on questioning Mercedes' strategy, says emotions and heart rate both run high in the car

Lewis Hamilton looks on from the drivers' parade before the 2022 Spanish GP. (Photo by Lars Baron/Getty Images)
Lewis Hamilton looks on from the drivers' parade before the 2022 Spanish GP. (Photo by Lars Baron/Getty Images)

Lewis Hamilton believes maybe a woman can understand the intense emotions under racing conditions, upon being asked about his heated dialogue with the team being broadcast on TV. The Briton denied having any problems with the team's strategy in the races and feels his comments on the radio were in the heat of the moment.

Speaking at the FIA drivers’ conference ahead of the Spanish GP weekend, the Briton explained, saying:

“Well, firstly, we continue to work hard. I don’t have any problems with strategy. We learn every weekend, we have great discussions before and afterwards. We’ve been a little bit unfortunate. I definitely feel that I mean, it’s no secret that for those that are watching, and for what is broadcast it’s hard for probably any of you to really truly understand what it’s like in the car.”
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According to the seven-time world champion, most of his radio chatter betraying his disappointment or disagreement with the team were emotional outbursts at the time. Lewis Hamilton suggested he was content with the team’s strategies and felt his intense emotions whilst on track could be understood better by a woman.

After being questioned by a female journalist at a press conference, the Briton tried to explain his emotions under the helmet. Suggesting women could understand his emotions at a higher heart rate, the Mercedes driver said:

“Your emotions are higher than ever; your heart rate is very high. And maybe a woman would understand, maybe having to give the answers during some difficult scenarios, but yeah, I mean, it’s never the same as you know, when you’re cool and chill and just having a normal conversation with someone. But when your heart rate is as high as it is, you don’t always have the best answers to everything. But also, there’s just, just shows there’s a lot of passion, it’s that that desire to do well.”

Lewis Hamilton is sixth in drivers' standings after Spanish GP

While the Briton has had a poor start to his 2022 campaign, he is running sixth in the championship. Although his teammate George Russell is fourth in the drivers’ standings at the moment, Lewis Hamilton is only 11 points adrift of fifth-placed Ferrari driver Carlos Sainz. The difference between the two Mercedes drivers is 29 points with Russell leading the charge.

📻 Lewis: "Great work guys, really happy with that result. Thank you for continuing to push. These improvements really worked this weekend, let’s keep pushing!"

The Mercedes W13 has improved significantly since adding upgrades in Spain and the team is expected to be fairing better in the upcoming races. Russell had earlier revealed that most of their technical issues with the car were resolved and they were ready to extract performance from it soon.

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