Mick Schumacher is 'wearing thin for Haas' and could be replaced next year

Haas seems to have gotten tired of the damage caused by Mick Schumacher's crashes
Haas seems to have gotten tired of the damage caused by Mick Schumacher's crashes

Mick Schumacher's other $1 million crash at Monaco seems to have been the straw that broke the camel's back. The German driver has been involved in far too many crashes this season. These crashes are not small by any means, as even in Saudi Arabia, he broke the car in half just like in Monaco.

F1 journalist Joe Saward feels Haas might have had enough of the crashes from the German and would probably be happy to put a different driver in that car for next year. That decision, however, will finally come down to Ferrari as it holds the rights to one of the two seats on the team. On his blog, Saward wrote:

“It is a similar story with Mick Schumacher who keeps having big crashes while trying to out-do Kevin Magnussen. This is wearing thin for Haas and there is talk that it would probably like a different driver next year, although Ferrari does have a say in the matter.”

The Briton went on to note the prospects for Haas, should they get rid of Schumacher, stating:

“The problem is that Ferrari has a gap in its young driver conveyor belt at the moment because the only Ferrari youngster who looks even vaguely ready for F1 is Robert Shwartzmann, a Russian. Antonio Giovinazzi is still there but he has been around the block a few times already. British driver Callum Ilott is still a member of the Ferrari programme, but seems to be settled in IndyCar (where he damaged his wrist last weekend when he crashed during the Indy 500) while the next Ferrari youngsters are Formula 3 drivers: including Arthur Leclerc (The Sequel) and Oliver Bearman.”

Mick Schumacher's move to Aston Martin a possibility for 2023 F1 season

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According to Joe Saward, Mick Schumacher could have a new home in Aston Martin next season as the driver's team seems to be having talks with the team as a replacement for Sebastian Vettel. Writing on his blog, Saward stated:

“The rumour in Monaco is that Mick’s [Schumacher] people are now looking at other options for the future and that Aston Martin might be a good choice for him because he’s German, younger, and less hairy than Sebastian Vettel, and he is not too fast for Lance [Stroll].”

The possibility of Mick Schumacher in an Aston Martin looks remote at the moment with candidates like Pierre Gasly, Fernando Alonso, and Daniel Ricciardo (who might be heading for a split at McLaren) lurking in the shadows.

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