“Only fools are optimistic” - Mercedes boss Toto Wolff cautious about Spanish GP achievement after last season’s false hope in Barcelona

F1 Grand Prix of Monaco - Practice
Mercedes GP Executive Director Toto Wolff looks on in the Paddock during practice ahead of the F1 Grand Prix of Monaco

Mercedes team principal Toto Wolff has said that he is not entirely optimistic about the recent progress of the German team.

The former world champions made a significant step in the right direction with a double podium finish in Barcelona last weekend, courtesy of Lewis Hamilton and George Russell. They finished ahead of their nearest rivals Aston Martin and Ferrari by quite some margin to move to P2 in the championship.

Speaking to Motorsport.com, Wolff said that the step up in Barcelona felt different this season than last season:

“I'm never optimistic. Only fools are optimistic, but generally, I think it feels different to last year. There is still a bouncing, which is interesting to understand why that is, but we've learned so much in the last 12 months. That's why I generally have lots of reasons to be a little bit more carefully confident.
“I think it is two/three tenths. That's how we would judge it today. And that's a massive step forward. But we need to remain cool because last year we've been looking pretty decent in Barcelona.
"However, as long as the trajectory goes upwards, it's going to be like share prices that go up and down. There's going to be moments, tougher moments, but I'm pleased for the job that has been done in Brixworth and Brackley.”

"We've got a long way to go to catch Red Bull" - Mercedes team boss

Toto Wolff also appreciated the hard work and dedication shown by the team since the start of the season as they had to introduce upgrades quickly.

As per F1.com, the Mercedes team boss said:

"We took a decision to go in another direction early in the season; it was a risky move, but everyone has just pushed forward and we’ve got a good race car. We now need to just keep chipping away. We are a good Team at grinding away; once there is a clear direction we just go for it.
"Let’s keep our expectations real though. We’ve got a long way to go to catch Red Bull but it’s good to see we are moving in the right direction.
“It's testament to the hard work that has been happening over the last few months and the courage in terms of the development direction in deciding to embark on completely new front suspension, floor, bodywork, and many other bits."

It will be interesting to see if Mercedes can eventually close the gap to Red Bull this season.

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