"We just have to move on from here" - Mick Schumacher and Sebastian Vettel refuse to trade blame after crash at 2022 F1 Miami GP

Mick had a late-race clash with Vettel in Miami
Mick had a late-race clash with Vettel in Miami
Charanjot Singh

Mick Schumacher was on his way to scoring his first-ever points in F1 at the Miami GP. After making his way through the field, the Haas driver was fighting for points with Esteban Ocon and Sebastian Vettel in the latter stages of the race. However, in what was arguably a rash move from Schuhmacher, he lunged down the inside of Sebastian Vettel at Turn 1 and ended up ruining both of their races.

While Mick Schumacher was unhappy about the incident, he didn't immediately lay blame on Vettel. Instead he said he looked forward to talking to Sebastian later on so he could understand what had really happened.

“I’m sure it will be good for me to understand what Seb thinks about it, but we just have to move on from here,”
Fighting from a pitlane start, both drivers battled hard to gain positions with events going against #SV5, but #LS18 managed to secure points post-race.Catch up with our #MiamiGP Driver Debrief, presented by @aramco. 👇

When informed that Vettel was not blaming him for the incident either, Schumacher said that he felt the same way as Vettel and emphasized the importance of having Vettel as a friend on the F1 grid.

“The same from my side. It’s nice that I can learn from him. He is so valuable to me as a friend [but] obviously we are racers.”

While he did not blame anyone in particular for the incident, Vettel admitted that both him and Mick should have done better in that scenario.

“It’s obviously a shame we both made contact and both missed scoring points. We should have done better. I need to look again.”

Mick Schumacher showed a remarkable turnaround against Kevin Magnussen in Miami

Not the result we were hoping for, but we’ll keep fighting #MSC47

Mick Schumacher was under extreme pressure in Miami to perform for Haas after his underwhelming start to the season. The German had been thoroughly outperformed by Kevin Magnussen leading up to the Miami GP.

The experienced Haas driver has consistently been the better qualifier and racer of the two. If you glance at the points tally of this season, you will find that Magnussen has 15 points to his name, while Schumacher has yet to score any points in the sport.

Despite being under enormous pressure to perform ahead of the Miami GP, Mick Schumacher ended up outqualifying his teammate for the first time on Saturday. On Sunday, while Kevin Magnussen struggled to make his way through the field in the latter stages of the race, Mick was fighting for points. The clash with Vettel was, of course, undesirable, but the intrinsic pace shown by Mick at the Miami GP was promising and an indicator that good things are yet to come for the young German driver.

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