"Where is the source of information?"- Red Bull boss responds to F1 rivals over 'completely unfounded' budget cap allegations

F1 Grand Prix of Singapore - Final Practice
Christian Horner has rubbished his rivals' allegations.

Following the Singapore GP on Sunday, Red Bull boss Christian Horner has rubbished his rival's claims that his team has breached the cost cap this season.

According to reports from multiple publications, it was claimed that Red Bull were one of the two teams guilty of breaching the cost cap for the 2022 F1 season. The news spread like wildfire in the F1 paddock, with Ferrari and Mercedes leveling accusations against Red Bull.

Horner, though, snapped back, questioning the other rivals about the source of their information, which is supposed to be confidential between the FIA and teams.

this is why redbull breaching the cost cap is a big deal. it is genuinely a huge unfair advantage. redbull was developing their car every race last year.
"What I said absolutely stands," said Horner. "We will consider all of our options. And it's totally unacceptable to make a completely unfounded allegation. And on the basis of what knowledge? Where is the source of information? This is a confidential submission between the team and the FIA."

He wants to get to the end of the process and not jump at any conclusions, saying:

"I have no idea of the compliance of any of our rivals. So where does that information supposedly come from? But let's complete the process. We have not been informed that we are in breach of the regulations. So let's get to the end of the process and understand where we are.”

When asked if he's a bit nervous about the result of the assessment that will be announced on Wednesday, Horner replied in the negative. He said:

"No, I'm absolutely confident in our submission. It's been through a process. It went in, in March, in terms of (being) signed off fully by our auditors who are obviously one of the big three. And we believe that we are comfortably within the cap. So the FIA are following their process. We expect hopefully, and potentially this week, to hear not just us, but all of the teams, the outcome of that process.”

Red Bull (576) are looking good for the constructors title this season, leading second-placed Ferrari (439).

New set of regulations are highly complicated - Red Bull boss

The Red Bull boss said that the brand-new set of regulations in place are highly complicated. So there will always be different interpretations that need to be taken into account. He said:

"We stand absolutely 100% behind that submission" Christian Horner says Red Bull are confident they have complied with the cost cap 👇
“These are a brand new set of regulations that are highly complicated, and that apply to companies of different structures, different formulations, and of course, regulations. There's always different interpretations to those regulations. So in the first year, it will be very interesting to see how that is applied."

He added:

“We've seen clarifications, even since the submissions were made, that apply to last year. So it's always going to be a process of evolution. It's an enormous topic for the FIA to get their arms around, particularly when you look at the scale of the teams in the pitlane, many of which belong to even bigger conglomerates and organisations.”

It will be interesting to see what comes out on Wednesday when FIA issues certificates to teams that have spent within the cost cap.

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