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Nico Rosberg warns Sebastian Vettel about teammate Leclerc, who could be 'very strong'

Dev Tyagi
275   //    10 Jan 2019, 18:08 IST

According to Nico, Leclerc can't be taken lightly
According to Nico, Leclerc can't be taken lightly

There's never really a dull day in Formula 1. When one's in the middle of a season, there's anyways no dearth of action, with suspenseful races, unpredictable finishes to a Grand Prix, and thrilling victories bringing one and all massive entertainment. And when a season is over, the constant spate of theories, expectations, probabilities, and by-lines on the next season, keep the tempo of discussion high.

Isn't it?

So even as the new Formula One season is around two and a half months away from the start, there's hardly any dearth about what's clearly an exciting build-up to it.

And for a team that hasn't been able to beat the Mercedes in the turbo-powered era of the sport, it appears, the theories and advises aren't going to stop either.

Ferrari's Sebastian Vettel has been told by Nico Rosberg to watch out for Charles Leclerc, the young Frenchman who's soon going to get behind the Scuderia, having replaced the Sauber-bound Iceman, Kimi Raikkonen.

The 2016 World Champion, Nico Rosberg, also Sebastian Vettel's compatriot is of the view that Charles Leclerc shouldn't be taken lightly by the German. Leclerc, according to Nico, is a 'very strong' driver.

And having said that, Nico Rosberg was also quoted as saying the following:

"Vettel will have to beware because Leclerc is very strong and he will no longer have the comfort zone of Raikkonen."

The 2018 Formula 1 season was a year that marked the debut of the young French driver at Sauber. It presented the real talent of Charles Leclerc, a driver who gathered a best-place finish of P6 at Baku, and ended the season strongly with a hat-trick of P7s at the Grands Prix of Mexico, Brazil, and Abu Dhabi.


But ever since, it was announced that Vettel would be joined by Leclerc, who swapped places with Raikkonen, now Sauber-bound. The sport has been spiked by the ongoing talks of just how strong a candidate could Leclerc be at the Scuderia.

Having said that, interestingly even as Nico's sentiments mirror those of most others about Leclerc's talent, there's also those, like Mario Andretti who happen to believe that Ferrari may just have rushed up the talented youngster, who could someday grow into being a world champion.

But who knows what might happen? Isn't that the beauty of Formula 1?