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Qualifying at the Hungarian Grand Prix 2015

Lewis Hamilton will start tomorrow's Grand Prix in pole position, followed by teammate Nico Rosberg and Ferrari's Sebastian Vettel.

Fernando Alonso’s car stalls in the middle of the track at the Hungaroring

Mercedes continued to dominate as Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg find themselves at the top of the grid at the end of qualifying at the Hungaroring today. While Hamilton dominated sessions 1 and 2, Rosberg did well to catch up in third qualifying. 

Although Rosberg was the polesitter at last year’s race, he lost it to Daniel Ricciardo of Red Bull. Rosberg’s teammate Lewis Hamilton finished that race in third behind Ricciardo and Fernando Alonso, who was then racing with Ferrari.

Both Ferrari drivers made into final qualifying, and Vettel will begin the race in third position tomorrow. Embattled teammate Raikkonen will start in 5th behind last year’s winner Ricciardo.

Force India started off relatively well, but by the end of Q2, both cars found themselves eliminated, with their journey ending prior to Q3. 

McLaren’s woes continued this Grand Prix, as Jenson Button’s energy deployment failed. The driver dropped to 16th, and was subsequently eliminated from Q1. Teammate Fernando Alonso started competitively, but his car stalled midway through Q2, leading to the only red flags of qualifying. The Spaniard pushed his own car down the track, later assisted by marshals. 

Apart from that failure, qualifying today went off without major incident.

Full results of qualifying below:

Image courtesy: @F1 on Twitter
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