Red Bull to carry out Pirelli tyre test

Will this test give them a head start for next year?

After Mercedes and Ferrari, it is now World Champions Red Bull who will conduct a test for Pirelli this month. It has been revealed that a 2011 spec RB7 Red Bull car will be used at the Circuit de Catalunya in Spain to evaluate the tyres for next year.

2014 driver Daniel Ricciardo, along with test driver Sebastian Buemi, will be the drivers for the two day test.

Team boss Christian Horner said, “Pirelli approached all of the teams to see if they would be prepared to supply a 2011 car to conduct some 2014 tyre testing, so we have made a car available.”

He added: “Sébastien Buemi will be driving on one day and Daniel Ricciardo will probably drive on another. It will be an opportunity for him to familiarise himself more with the team, but it is very much a Pirelli test. We have provided a car that we use for the running show car events that we do, and the run plan will be dictated by Pirelli.”

Earlier this year, Mercedes tested for Pirelli with their 2013 spec car, which blew out into a controversy for which the team were banned from the young drivers test. Ferrari have previously tested with an older car.

As the rules allow only limited testing, Red Bull are permitted to use two year old machinery which is well under the rules.

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