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The Joke is on McLaren - why the team is failing

Kunal Shah explores the fortunes of the failing British team, which counts two former World Champions as its drivers.

Fernando Alonso (L) and Jenson Button of McLaren-Honda

The ‘third driver’ in a Formula One team might not have a very exciting job in today’s times, but the ‘third host’ on the Inside Line F1 Podcast does. Mithila Mehta debuts on our show and joins Kunal for the first time where they wonder if Mclaren might not be the fastest, but the funniest team of 2015. They talk about robots in Formula One and how one of them got it all wrong at Wimbledon and if Williams will turn to be a team of ‘retired drivers’ in 2016 – The Expendables of Formula One? Tune in! 

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