The Mika Hakkinen Interview Podcast


Here it is! Here's our Mika Hakkinen special episode. We spent much of the last weekend with the Flying Finn as he visited India to promote his 'Never Drink & Drive' campaign. We had the former World Champion on our Facebook Live show as well on our podcast and yes, we did #JoinThePact in Hakkinen's presence. #JoinThePact, you should too!

In this week's special episode, we get Mika Hakkinen to review the 2017 Formula 1 Season, his views on the current superstar drivers (Hamilton, Vettel, Verstappen, etc.) and what he believes the future of his Finnish compatriots (Bottas & Raikkonen) will be. Also, what does he make of Fernando Alonso's quest to be the 'world's best racer'? 

We are intrigued about how the whole 'Daniel Ricciardo Story' is going to play out. Who will he play second fiddle to, or will have play second fiddle to anyone at all? Hakkinen gave his view on Ricciardo's career and more importantly, his awesome personality.

Apart from the current season, we discuss Hakkinen's career - his first win (so unfortunate that 1997 European Grand Prix is still remembered for the famous Michael Schumacher-Jacques Villeneuve episode) and what was his reaction when he lost most of his trophies to a house fire in 2008! Finally, is a Mclaren team management role on Hakkinen's mind, and from the world of Motorsport, who is his most challenging rival? You'll be surprised to know that it wasn't Michael Schumacher. Tune in!

(Season 2017, Episode 36)

Edited by Anuradha Santhanam
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