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Top 5 Japanese Grand Prix races

Dev Tyagi
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F1 Grand Prix of Japan - Practice
F1 Grand Prix of Japan - Practice

Round 17 of the 2018 season takes us back to Suzuka, the home of the Japanese Grand Prix, and of course, the land of the Samurai.

While it's unknown (if not unlikely) that Sebastian Vettel would ignite the Samurai within to go for an out and out assault on his arch-rival, Lewis Hamilton, what's likely, is that it will take a lot of exaggerating shake-up from the rest of the grid to upset the Mercedes driver here.

Over the course of nearly past half a decade, so dominant have been the Mercedes here at the 5.8 km track that they've just not allowed any other team to settle down at a track they've owned in true Samurai fashion.

That said, where Formula 1 history stands, what have been some titanic races here at the heart of the Japanese Grand Prix?

#1 1990: Fiery Senna, angry Prost, tumultuous Japanese GP

Ayrton Senna
Ayrton Senna won the championship that year

Ayrton Senna, one of the sport’s most enigmatic and complicated characters, claimed the 1990 F1 season.

But at Suzuka, having clinched pole, Senna in his McLaren crashed with the Ferrari of Alain Prost, his arch-rival, and a clear match in grit and should one say, mind-battles, in a Grand Prix that eventually belonged to Benetton-Ford's Nelson Piquet.

Apparently, Senna, miffed with the pole location at the front of the grid - being on the dirty side - had even requested Japanese marshals and officials to change the positioning but it was denied.

Eventually, was that a fair tactic by a legendary name in motorsport to clash with Prost when he could've been a bit more careful?

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