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Watch: How to build Michael Schumacher's title-winning Ferrari at Home for kids

George Howson

Ever dreamed of driving Michael Schumacher
Ever dreamed of driving Michael Schumacher's Ferrari? You can get the next best thing now!

To drive a Formula 1 car is something that all F1 fans want to do at some point in their lives. Driving Grand Prix cars in a videogame or through is a simulator is fun, there's no doubt about that.

But it doesn't come close to the sensations that'd be transmitted through your body if you were out on track in a modern F1 car.

It's a pipe dream for almost everybody, a super license or a very considerable amount of money are the sole ways to achieve this for real. That is, until very recently at least...

iTry have released a video on how to create a model of Michael Schumacher's title-winning F2003-GA, the car which he drove to his sixth world driver's championship.

Complete with all the Ferrari sponsors of the day and a surprising level of aerodynamic detail, this is a very accurate model. Even more impressive is the fact that you can actually drive it! No pushing or remote control features are required!

Don't believe us? Here's the video to prove it:

Admittedly, it's probably too small for adults, but the replica is ideal for children, our generation could only dream of this being a possibility.

It's impressive how it can be driven on an actual road. You might laugh at its lack of rigidity, but consider this, the car Schumacher won the 2001 Monaco Grand Prix in recently sold at auction for $7.5m, whereas this would cost a few hundred dollars at the most.


If you've got the time and money to assemble it, this would be ideal for your little F1 fan and would probably make their year.

What's your favourite Formula 1 replica? This Ferrari or does something else stand out more in your eyes? Let us know in the comments below!

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