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4 drivers who have the potential to be the next breakout F1 champion

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With five titles for Lewis Hamilton and four for Sebastian Vettel and both of them arguably occupying the most coveted seats in Formula One right now, it does seem unlikely for anyone new to be fighting for a world championship in the near future. But things can change very quickly in this sport.

With some amazing talent coming through the ranks and establishing themselves in F1, it would be interesting to see who wins the race to be crowned the next champion after Hamilton and Vettel. We saw that when Jenson Button jumped into a Brawn and walked away with the championship in 2009, or even when Vettel himself, despite being an outsider in the championship battle, snatched it away from Fernando Alonso and Mark Webber in the last race of 2010.

We also saw a certain German who went by the name of Michael Schumacher stealing a couple of championships in an unfancied Bennetton.

The grid is full of amazing talent right now (albeit some pay drivers as well), and the only thing that's stopping them, for now, is the car that's underneath them.

Ever since the last change in regulations in 2014, Mercedes have dominated the sport. Ferrari have caught up with them and slowly become a match in terms of pace, but these two teams only offer four seats on the grid which, if occupied, provide a realistic chance of fighting for championships.

Red Bull have made efforts to cut the advantage of the top two, and their win in Mexico shows that they are capable.

As always in F1, the fight for the championship depends on two important factors: 1. driving ability and 2. the powers of the car. It would be interesting to see who wins this race among the current new crop.

Here is a look at four drivers who have the potential to become the next Schumacher or Vettel:

1. Charles Leclerc

Charles Leclerc
Charles Leclerc

Leclerc is a driver who has not stuck to a single racing category for more than a year. He pretty much ruled F3 and GP2 in his rookie years, and completely dominated his highly experienced teammate in his debut F1 season.


Leclerc is, as has been admitted by many up and down the grid, the real deal. There aren't many that get promoted to the most coveted seat in F1 in just their sophomore year.

Driving for Ferrari next year could put the cat among the pigeons, but it provides Leclerc the perfect opportunity to become the next champion that the grid has been waiting for since a while now.

The biggest hurdle could be going up against one of the best drivers of this generation, but then what better way to make a mark on the sport than beating the best there is. 2019 could be the year when the grid and the world itself ultimately find out how good the Monegasque is.

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