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10 careers that were ended by horror tackles

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RSC Anderlecht v PSV
Football is a physical sport that often ended promising careers.

Football is a contact sport, and sometimes rivals take this as an advantage to sabotage their nemesis’s career. Tackles in football have become not only as a way of puncturing a team’s prospects but also an arena of personal revenge among rivals.

Football has been a beautiful game but its tackles may sometimes take the ugliest of turns. Many tackles in the game have been the career-defining moments for players. These tackles have given football it’s very own unsung heroes of the likes of Dean Ashton and Ben Collets whose immense talents could never be unravelled. Even more shocking is the use of tackles to settle up personal rivalries and grudges and we have the cases of Alf Inge Haaland and Matty Holmes to prove this.

Although the victims of tackles have tried to put up a brave come-back, only a few have succeeded in matching their previous heights. Most of them either called it quits or were forced to retire. Also, the amount they got as a compensation can never suffice the glory and fortune they may have earned had they continued.

This FIFA World Cup Neymar hogged limelight due to his diving antics. This has not only been a host of memes and jokes but has also diluted the empathy for the actual pain players feel due to true injuries. This also calls for stronger regulation and penalties in the game so as to ensure nobody takes the advantage of ‘contact’ in football. This season of football fever, we bring you 10 such cases of horrific tackles that claimed the careers of bright footballers. Some might bring back time of nostalgia for you while some are of more recent cases.

David Busst’s collision with Dennis Irwin

Career ended: David Busst


When: April 8, 1996

What: double compound leg injury


One of the most horrific injuries of football took place when the then Coventry defender, David Busst collided with Manchester United’s Dennis Irwin. The blood loss was large enough for the field to be cleaned with water while the match was delayed by 9 minutes. The sight was spine-chilling enough for United goalkeeper Peter Schmeichel vomiting and later requiring counselling along with other players. Busst went through 26 operations. He made a brave comeback in small sided football as well as over 35 football.

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