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10 things you can buy with £100 million instead of Paul Pogba

Rahat Jain
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Paul Pogba
Manchester United might be paying in excess of £100 million for Paul Pogba’s services, but here are the things you can buy for that money

The fact that transfer prices have gone through the roof is something we’re well accustomed to now. But with the £100 million barrier close to being breached, it seems that we’re on the dawn of another era of clubs spending exorbitant sums on football players.

Paul Pogba is a supremely talented footballer, and at 23 years old he has massive scope for further improvement. It wouldn’t be surprising if he even went on to become the best player in the world at some point, but it’s also true that at the moment he isn’t even in the top 5.

So, what does Pogba’s transfer fee mean for the market? What kind of prices can clubs now expect for players like Neymar, Eden Hazard and Robert Lewandowski? We could be entering the era of 100 million pound plus transfer fees now and to bring some perspective of what that amount means in the real world, we’ve listed 10 things you could buy for 100 million pounds instead:

#1 Juventus Stadium

Juventus Stadium

I doubt Juventus would be too keen in selling their stadium, but 100 million pounds would be a close valuation of the magnificent 41,475 capacity arena.

The stadium has 3,600 premium seats and 64 sky boxes. In the VIP area you’ll find luxury armchairs with personal LCD’s, restaurants, bars and lounges. There’s parking space for 4,000 vehicles, an absolute state of the art Museum and J-Medical, a 3500 square meters state of the art medical facility with outdoor areas for rehabilitation.

The Juventus stadium was completed in 2011 at a cost of 120 million euros, which converts to £101 million in the current market.

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