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2011-12 Season end predictions

Sushant Kaw
5.63K   //    24 Mar 2012, 10:18 IST

With the season nearing its end I feel like giving my opinion on the upcoming events that could unfold as we move forward to the end of the season. Now, I don’t proclaim to be as good in predicting as Octopus Paul, its still worth a shout eh? Some are meant to be taken seriously and others with a pinch of salt. I will let you decide that though.

Disclaimer:- I hope the readers will really accept a bit of banter and not take offence on some of my Predictions. It is purely meant to be light- hearted and not meant to hurt anyone.

1.       Manchester United to win the title BUT draw at Etihad.

Manchester United currently hold a one  point lead over their ‘noisy neighbor’s and based on past experiences and current form, it certainly seems they will win it. The title is for Manchester United to lose and the clash at Etihad seems to be the showdown that will decide who triumphs in the War of Manchester. I expect the battle to be a draw but the Victor of the war will be the RED HALF OF MANCHESTER.

2.       Real Madrid to do the Double (UCL+La Liga).

Real seem to be experiencing a small blip in results recently in La Liga and the Lead has now been cut down to 6 with 10 games to go. But I certainly expect Madrid to win La Liga and also win UCL where I feel they will end up facing Chelsea.

3.       Liverpool to win the FA Cup.

Liverpool regardless of their League form have been performing very well in the Cups. Hence another cup win for Liverpool and another trophy in the cabinet is what I expect. Though Chelsea or Tottenham could possibly have a major say in where the Title ends up.

4.       Arsenal to finish above Tottenham.

For all of Spurs exciting football it will really be sad for me personally to see this, but I now expect Arsenal to end up finishing above Spurs. You have to admire the way Arsenal have risen from the ashes (literally) in the last few weeks and also how Spurs have in 4 weeks surrendered a 10 point gap between them and Arsenal.

5.       Sergio Busquets to get sent off because opponent fools the ref.

Karma is a bitch really.  I predict Busquets to finally realize it this season. An opponent to fool the ref with a dive and getting Busquets sent off. This is one prediction that would be enjoyable if it was fulfilled. God, in the event you are up there and reading this please make this prediction come true.

6.   Arsenal to SELL their Trophy Cabinet to Man City (Feeder Club).

For all of Arsenal’s remarkable resurgence, unfortunately it seems to have come too little too late in terms of winning trophies, and to cut their losses AW will now decide to sell the Cabinet which has now become slightly ‘old’ and replace it with a younger more promising one. Man City will be the buyers as their Trophy Cabinet cannot seem to take the pressure of a trophy (see FA CUP) after not experiencing any kind of pressure for the PAST 35yrs.

7.   Liverpool to blame the FA for hitting the bar numerous times this season.

The love affair between the BARS and Liverpool has been well documented and I fully expect Liverpool to blame this on the FA as is the usual with Liverpool and their motto- It’s never our fault.

8.   Balotelli/Antonio Valencia to actually celebrate a goal.

Scoring goals should be enjoyable and celebrated, giving cold stares is not really celebrating.

9.   Rio Ferdinand to stop talking about his bowel movements on twitter.

Really, Rio sometimes your tweets just dont make sense especially when you talk about how many times you’ve been to the toilet. Please Stop tweeting.

10.   Stewart Downing to go Assist-less and Goal-less in the EPL.

Bought for 18 million and in the EPL he has mostly been poor this season. Though there has been a recent improvement in his performances I still predict a goal-less and assist-less season for him.

11.  SAF to actually surprise us by coming out and saying “Michael Owen is fit!”

Owen has really remained in my memory ONLY because I follow the guy on twitter. If it wasnt for that I would have forgotten such a player even existed. He has barely played this season  and forever seems to be injured. So, days he is fit would turn out to be a massive massive shock indeed.

12.  Cobham to be used by the Military Forces

First it was Ashley Cole with a Air rifle then recently 21 year old Jacon Mellis after he set off a smoke grenade in the Training Ground. The Miliary forces might find it helpful. Who knows?

13. Darron Gibson to join Twitter.

He joined and left twitter soon last year after receiving loads of abuse from MUFC fans. This year he scored a goal against Man City while playing for Everton which led to Man City dropping all 3 points. If he were to join twitter now, he would most likely receive LOVE instead of HATE from the Man Utd fans.

14. David Luiz to donate some of his hair to Raul Meireles to fill the head on the sides.

Raul Meireles really needs someone to help him out with his hair. After he was taken off at the City game , his head mirrored a mop which had just been used to wipe the floor. David Luiz seems to have loads of hair.  Being the nice teammate that he is, maybe he could help Raul out with the hair problems.

So, those were my predictions. What do you think of them? How many do you think will end up being right at the end of the season?

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