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Serie A 2018-19: Predicting Cristiano Ronaldo's new year resolutions

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Cristiano Ronaldo
Cristiano Ronaldo

A new year is a brand new start to our routine lives, with new chances and opportunities. New year resolutions are nothing but decisions to move ahead in our daily lives, and we've all been involved with them at some point or the other.

Despite his extraterrestrial-like life, Cristiano Ronaldo is a human being just like us. And he must surely be looking forward to another year of domination in the world of football.

Ronaldo will be 34 this February in 2019. But in some ways this year could signal a brand new start to a brand new life.

He shocked the world when he left Real Madrid for Juventus and at Turin, it will be a clean slate for him around a new environment. And if his initial numbers are anything to go by, Ronaldo will play for Juventus in his usual, world-class manner.

He has settled into his new team very quickly, and his impact on the Juventus squad is already looking unmatched. He has proven decisive when Juventus have needed him the most, and there is no doubt that he is already a fan favorite at Turin.

We can learn a lot from the man who is the idol of millions of people in the world. Despite being on the wrong side of 30, Ronaldo is still striving hard to be the best, and will surely have set some sky-high goals for this year.

While most normal people want a new car or a new house or even a new phone, Ronaldo is not normal. He is extraordinary in every manner possible, and his goals will be untouchable for most people in this world.

Let us predict what his three resolutions or goals for this year will be:

#3. To win the UEFA Champions League...again!

Real Madrid Celebrate After Victory In The Champions League Final Against Liverpool
Real Madrid Celebrate After Victory In The Champions League Final Against Liverpool

Although Ronaldo has some ridiculous records to his name, being the talisman in Real Madrid's three consecutive and historic UEFA Champions League wins will be remembered forever.

It almost feels like a routine that Ronaldo will make it his year in the Champions League. He has dominated the tournament in an unprecedented manner throughout his career.

It is safe to say that with his arrival, Juventus' chances at Europe have increased by leaps and bounds.

#2. To win a rare treble or win the Serie A as 'invincibles'

Juventus v UC Sampdoria - Serie A
Juventus v UC Sampdoria - Serie A

Ronaldo has never won a treble or finished a league as a member of an invincible squad. He has already saved Juventus' unbeaten run in the league more than once, and will be looking to be a part of a historic campaign.

But Ronaldo's sole efforts will not be enough to make this resolution possible, as football is a team game. It will require a collective effort from everyone associated with Juventus, but Ronaldo will obviously lead the way like he is doing now.

#1. To be the undisputed best

The Best FIFA Football Awards - Show
The Best FIFA Football Awards - Show

As we all know, Ronaldo is always trying to be the best. He is obsessed with perfection and will stop at nothing in his quest to become the very best of world football.

He and Lionel Messi have dominated the football world for more than a decade, but Luka Modric stopped their duopoly at individual awards in 2018.

By Ronaldo's sky high standards, second is never good enough. He will be looking to win each and every award in the new year, rather than merely make the shortlist.

There is no doubt that this will be his number one goal, and he will give his all to stand at the pinnacle of world football once again.