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25 Predictions about Arsenal's Future

Need help figuring out the future Arsene?

This is what could happen with The Arsenal at the end of this season, and through the next.

1. Arsenal finish 5th: After battling it out with Chelsea and Liverpool, we finish 5th, if we are lucky.

2. Europa League Rocks: Wenger talks up the Europa League as a very important tournament and how finishing in the top 5 is a BIG Deal!

3. Who needs Batman when we have had Robin:RVP leaves, surely you didn’t see that coming. And if we are lucky he goes to Real or Bayern and not Man City.

4. No.14 is the new No.10: Theo becomes our main striker. What?! Chamakh reconsiders and stays on bench, WOW, this just gets better!

5. New kid on the block: Wenger goes out and buys some ‘supposed’ wonderkid from Ligue1 and sends him out on loan.

6. Gibbs gets nostalgic: Gibbs gets injured in pre-season, again. Surprised?

7. Kos it hurts: Koscielny is in great form, but gets injured after 4 games into the season.

8. Remeber Almunia?: Well he stays on as he does not want to part away with the No.1 jersey.

9. Crisis in defence part 6 continues: Kos’s injury is followed by Vermaelen’s and eventually we have Djourou and Squillaci back in defence. Oh Lord!

10. Finally matured: We beat Liverpool in the match of the season 6-4 and Wenger talks about the maturity and spirit in the side.

11. Or NOT!: Later, after 2 games we lose to newly promoted Millwall, 3-0, away.

12. Trophy Mania: Come January 2013 we are going for all 4 trophies.

13. Reality strikes, hard: By March we are painfully out of the title race in all the competitions after finally losing to Stoke 3-1, away, in the Carling Cup.

14. Humiliation at home: We get humiliated by Chelsea 6-1 (Torres doesn’t score), at home, and everybody calls for Wenger’s head.

15. Fans divided: Boos ring around the Emirates, while some Arsene fans brandish the ‘In Arsene we Trust’ banner.

16. Wilshere stars: Wilshere’s performances shine through like a ray of light with 12 goals and 18 assists.

17. Fabregas part 2: Barcelona come calling for Wilshere and a new saga begins.

18. Ivan the terrible: Ivan Gazidis states that it’s not important to win every time, and that a club needs to make profit and the ambition is to stay in the top 5 and aim to qualify for the Europa League next season.

19. Arsenal re-enter the Fab-Four Club: Arsenal, Liverpool, New Castle and Everton are neck and neck for Europa League qualification. WOW!

20. Wenger hints at quitting Arsenal… NOT!: Arsene Wenger says he will leave the club when he feels he has nothing more to offer to the club. Yup! That’s inspiring.

21. The year of the OX, #sidelined: The Ox impresses the world with a wonder goal against United. But then in a friendly against Holland Nigel De Jong stamps his ankle. His injury is bad and he is ruled out for rest of the season and sticks to tweeting, ala Jack.

22. Friend or Foe?: Sir Alex sympathizes with Wenger and states that any talk of removing a manager ‘who has not won a trophy in the last 7 years’ and has been responsible for the depletion in the quality of his team -is absolutely ridiculous. Of course!

23. Podolski! Woohoo!: Arsenal sign Podolski, who too gets injured before the season begins. Just what we needed right.

24. We love Arshavin: Ryo Miachi returns and performs superbly in a game against the Sp*rs. But is substituted for…who else… the diminutive Russia, every Gooner’s favourite!

25. Heartbreak all over again: All Arsenal supporters go to bed with heavy hearts, yet again. That sinking feeling becomes the norm, but the love NEVER dies. As The King Henry famously said: once a Gunner, always a Gunner!

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