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3 features which differentiate Luka Modric and Guti

Ninad Singh
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Are they really alike?
Are they really alike?

Two different eras, two different midfielders. While one took his team all the way to the World Cup finals after a fantastic year with his club, the other is regarded as one of the most underrated Real Madrid players of all time.

Surely, the two have been compared on multiple occasions in terms of their appearance, style of play, and leadership qualities, but belonging to different eras and being a part of different squads have drawn out some factors that really set them apart.

Not only do they play in completely different positions in midfield, but their climb up the ladder of the first team has also made them different from each other. Guti started off as a striker, transitioning into a midfielder, and Modric came from being a 'regista' to a central midfielder.

While they may have same passing abilities or dribbling skills, 3 features set them apart totally. However, that does not put aside the fact that the duo have made major contributions to their club's success.

#3 Consistency

Guti barely ever was injured, but found it really hard to make an impact
Guti barely ever was injured, but found it really hard to make an impact

One of the best things Guti was actually known for was his ability to pass the ball through some of the tightest spaces, creating what was called 'magic moments' for the likes of Ronaldo and Raul.

In fact, playing from a central role and transitioning into an attacking #10 was one of his special qualities. However, unlike Modric, the Spaniard lacked the consistency and the opportunity.

To be specific, Madrid had many reliable options in the form of Zinedine Zidane, which forced Guti to miss out on most of the matches earlier in his career. Guti barely ever was injured, but found it really hard to make an impact.

"All the doors are closing on me. I was improving as a midfielder, and Zidane arrived. I was improving as a forward and Ronaldo arrived. I'm now in the national team as a midfielder and Beckham comes" - Guti 2003

The Croatian on the other hand, has been extremely fluid with what he does. Winning 4 Champions League titles with his side, Modric has been more consistent than his counterpart. Featuring in almost all of the major games for Real Madrid is a reflection of his ability to be more fluid with his style of play.

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