4 possible reasons why Cristiano Ronaldo left Real Madrid

Cristiano Ronaldo has left Real Madrid after 9 seasons

A subtle hint was dropped after Real Madrid lifted the UEFA Champions League earlier this year. Yet, Real Madrid fans were left in utter shock when it was announced that their best player, Cristiano Ronaldo, will play for the Italian giants Juventus next year. Such was the buzz about this transfer that a certain semi-final of FIFA World Cup acted as second fiddle for quite some time. On July 10th, it was officially confirmed that Juventus Football Club has signed Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro for €105 million.

The Portuguese legend is 33 now and is certainly not growing any younger with time. However, his form does not drop any hint about his age and he is coming off a successful FIFA World Cup. Everything was running smoothly between him and the team from the Spanish capital. So, what tempted Ronaldo to leave Los Blancos, where he has earned monumental success, for La Vecchia Signora?

Let us have a look at four possible reasons which paved the way from Madrid to Turin:

#4 Unkept promises

Ronaldo's relationship with Florentino Perez hasn't been sound lately

One of the most important reasons behind Ronaldo's decision to move out of Spain is possibly an unkept promise by the club president, Florentino Perez. After the 2016-17 UEFA Champions League final, Perez promised Ronaldo of an increment in his wages.

However, he later opted against it owing to Ronaldo's poor run of form in the initial days of 2017-18 days.

Ronaldo kept waiting, whereas his contemporaries saw their pay cheques swell up. Lionel Messi was awarded a new FC Barcelona contract which paid him around €41 million annually, whereas PSG's Neymar got €35 million. On the contrary, Ronaldo got only €21 million, almost half of Messi's salary. Unsurprisingly, he was miffed at this.

#3 Real Madrid's interest in Neymar

Paris Saint Germain v Stade Rennes - Ligue 1
Paris Saint-Germain's Neymar has been in Real Madrid's radar for quite some time

Real Madrid president Florentino Perez has had his sight fixed on the Brazilian superstar Neymar for quite some time now. The 'once upon a time' wonderkid is now challenging the two best players world football currently possesses, Messi and Ronaldo, for the Ballon d'Or award.

When Ronaldo won the prestigious award, Perez said that the PSG player will have to join Real so as to get his hands on the coveted award. Again, Perez's attitude possibly miffed Ronaldo and he didn't quite like the rumours of Madrid being linked with Neymar, which were spreading like a forest fire.

Hence, the man from Madeira possibly concluded that his time was over and perhaps Real Madrid are looking for a new galactico.

#2 No trust with tax

Cristiano Ronaldo Declares On Fraud Investigations In Madrid
Tax issues might have played a part in Ronaldo's departure from Spain

Disputes regarding tax payments might not be much concrete a reason for the player to move out of Spain, but it might have played its part. Both Ronaldo and Messi were tied up tax issues in Spain. However, that case is put to bed as Ronaldo has agreed to pay over €18 million as fine.

Ronaldo perhaps felt a lack of backing from Real Madrid, as they publicly announced their support way back in 2016, but never again. Unlike Ronaldo, Messi had the support of FC Barcelona. Insecurity, as it seems, might be a reason Ronaldo did not want to be a part of Los Merengues more.

#1 Frustrated with the fans

Ronaldo was apparently frustrated with how Real Madrid fans treated him

Look somewhere else, Madridistas. The news of Cristiano Ronaldo, the heart-throb of Real Madrid fans being agitated with his own supporters were doing rounds in Spanish publications. Ronaldo was not in the form of his life during the initial stages of 2017-18 season. That not only cost him a promised contract, but also earned him some stick from the fans.

Ronaldo was booed by his very own supporters as the team was not doing what they are expected to do. It is understandable that he might have been saddened by this and felt that if not the club, the fans should back him, no matter what the outcomes of the games are.

He also felt a significant lack of urge from Real Madrid's side to keep him in the club, with only the then manager Zinedine Zidane backing him. Hence a move was obvious.

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