5 best 2016 April Fool pranks by football clubs

Arsenal Citroen sunroof Emirates
Arsenal’s prank involved projecting messages on a ‘sunroof’
Sunaadh Sagar

April Fool’s Day is a minefield online, as the ease with with a prank can spread under the guise of truth is well-known. As such, football clubs take advantage of the day, taking the chance to indulge in some light-hearted ribbing with their fans usually the targets.

Here are some of the best football pranks this year

1) Arsenal’s retractable sunroof over the Emirates

Arsenal have a history of elaborate April Fool’s pranks, as they produced a slick video last season to announce a ‘left-footed’ ball. The Gunners were at it again this season, ‘partnering’ with French car-manufacturer Citroen to announce a ‘reatractable’ roof over the Emirates.

The Gunner’s twitter account made known the ‘world’s first retractable sunroof’ over the Emirates stadium, an elaborate prank on the Gunner’s fans that made use of a professional-looking video to provide credibility. There were plently of hints, though, such as the ‘project manager’ being named ‘William daRoufe’ or Bill daRoufe, which phonetically sounds like ‘build a roof’. 

Complete with bogus facts such as ‘It will save us 4-6 goals every season’, ‘We will have 8% more stamina from reduced sun exposure’, Arsenal used their players to lend some credibility to the video, namely Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, Per Mertesacker and Laurent Koscielny.

Here is the video that Arsenal shared on their Twitter handle:

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