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5 footballers who have killed

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It is never nice to associate murder and accidental killing with football, but unfortunately, the beautiful game has seen its fair share of players who have been accused of killing and murdering innocent people.

There was widespread outrage when convicted murderer Bruno got a professional contract with Brazilian second tier side Boa Esporte. But, unfortunately, it is not the only case in the world of football. Starting with Bruno, let us take a look at 5 killers and murderers in the world of football:

#5 Bruno Fernandes de Souza

Bruno Fernandez de Souza murder trial
Bruno looking pensive at his murder trial

Brazilian goalkeeper Bruno Fernandes de Souza had been sentenced to 22 years in jail for ordering the murder of estranged girlfriend Eliza Samudio in 2010. The former Flamengo captain was found guilty by a jury of five women and two men at court.

He was convicted of hiding the model’s body, chopping it up into tiny pieces and feeding it to the dogs. He was also further convicted on charges of kidnapping his son. All this in the normal world would have seen Bruno being locked up for good.

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However, Bruno was shockingly released in February pending an appeal. What was even more despicable was the fact that second tier club Boa Esporte immediately handed the shot-stopper a professional contract.

Bruno was not even repentant after his release. As quoted by the Guardian, Bruno said:

“Dude, what happened, happened. I made a mistake, a serious one, but mistakes happen in life – I’m not a bad guy. People tried to bury my dream because of one mistake, but I asked God for forgiveness, so I’m carrying on with my career, dude. I’m starting over.”

One can only hope that the Brazilian authorities and judicial system lock up the former Atletico Mineiro and Flamengo goalkeeper once again and give Eliza Samudio the justice she deserves.

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