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5 footballers whose careers ended prematurely due to horrific injuries

Parth Shah
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1) David Busst (Coventry City)

David Busst leg break injury
David Busst suffered compound fractures to the bones in his leg

David Busst’s career-ending injury has been widely regarded as the worst injury in the history of football. It happened in a game between Busst’s Coventry City and Manchester United in a Premier League game in April 1996. Busst, a defender, had gone up for a corner.

Following a save from United goalkeeper Peter Schmeichel, Busst ran in to slot the ball home, in the process colliding with Brian McClair and Denis Irwin. What followed was utter shock and horror as Busst’s frantic waving of the arms drew the players’ attention to the horrific injury – extensive compound fractures to both the tibia and fibula of his right leg.

The injury was so bad that at one point the doctors deliberated over amputating Busst’s leg. 26 operations later, Busst would walk out of the hospital, but would never play professional football again, and retired in November 1996 at the age of 29.

The extent of the injury was not limited to Busst alone. Schmeichel had vomited on the pitch upon seeing Busst’s broken leg. He and many of the other players had to undergo counselling afterwards, such was the impact of the injury.

NOTE: This list only takes into account footballers whose careers were ended because of severe injuries. For that reason, the article does not take into account players like Aaron Ramsey, Djibril Cisse, Eduardo etc., because despite the severe nature of their injuries, the aforementioned players are still able to play professional football in a fit, active manner.

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