5 most famous celebrations by footballers in recent times

Dybala mask Celebration
Dybala mask Celebration
Nesara V Jagannatha

Football is the most followed sport in the World. It is played in almost every corner of the globe and hence has gained a lot of fans.

Celebrations have become an integral part of football in recent times. Be it when a player scores a goal or his team wins the game, a footballer is usually expected to follow it up with a unique celebration. In fact, in many cases, a player is more associated with his celebrations than his style of play. Some celebrations are also tried out by the fans which make the game all the more interactive.

On that note, let us have a look at the 5 most famous celebrations in recent times.

#5 Paulo Dybala

The Argentine and Juventus forward has been touted as one of the future stars of the game due to his talent. Dybala usually follows up his goal with his trademark celebration which has become very popular amongst his fans. The Dybala mask celebration is also found in many of Dybala's social-media posts.

#4 Kylian Mbappe

Mbappe's "Crossed-Arm" celebration

We have all become used to this celebration as Mbappe has displayed it almost every time he scored a goal at the World Cup. It all started when Mbappe celebrated his goal at Dortmund during his Monaco days with this unique celebration. It was an instant hit amongst football fans as many of them started imitating it. It is certain that this celebration will get more popular as Mbappe is going to score many more goals in his career.

#3 Dele Alli

The "Dele Challenge" was very popular

Apart from his talent on the pitch, Dele Alli has also made a name for himself with his celebrations. His unique celebration during a Premier League match became a trending topic as many found it difficult to repeat the same. Alli also started his "Dele Challenge" where many footballers were asked to try out this celebration. This celebration was also used in the India England cricket series.

Of all these celebrations, this can be counted as the most difficult one.

#2 Antoine Griezmann

"Take the L" celebration

France and Athletico Madrid's Antoine Griezmann is popular for his "Take the L" celebration. He has displayed it numerous times in the La Liga and also in the recently concluded World Cup. It is also popular with his France teammates Paul Pogba and Kylian Mbappe as they have posted it many times on their social media accounts.

#1 Paul Pogba and Jesse Lingard

"The Dab" has been one of the most popular celebrations

By far, "The Dab" has been the most popular celebration in recent times. Though Pogba displayed it during his time at Juventus, it became a hit when he started to dab along with his Manchester United teammate Jesse Lingard. The celebration started to flow into cricket as it has been used by the Indian cricketers in many matches. "The Dab challenge" was trending for many days and a lot of variants of the celebration was also created.

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