5 quotes which prove Diego Simeone is the most inspirational manager

Deevya Mulani

2) He plays only to win

Simeone inspirational figure
Cholo is an inspirational figure for Atletico Madrid

El Cholo cannot bear those who do not conform to his winning mentality. With Simeone, you either adopt his win at all costs mentality or you’re out, he cannot bear those who harbor doubts in him and his team.

He recently spoke about his side’s chances of winning the league, “It will be tough, but we will play as the schedule demands us to which is to win, win and win again,"

Star Atletico Madrid striker Antoine Griezmann endured a difficult time at the club in his first season as he had trouble adopting Simeone’s philosophy, ”Simeone has great rigour, discipline and intensity in workouts, it changed me completely. For the first six months of the championship, I struggled. I worked, I worked hard and I am now a major player for the club.”

Simeone does not care for price tags or reputations. You either fit in with his ways or you do not. He believes that it is his job to convince the players that team can and will win inspite of the odds.

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