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5 reasons why Chelsea will destroy Liverpool?

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Tottenham Hotspur v Liverpool - Premier League
Wanna hear a joke? Liverpool's defence

Destruction is the destination we are all heading towards, knowingly or unbeknownst. And on Saturday, it will be Liverpool that could be walking towards the halls of eternal fire when they take on Chelsea at Anfield.

While football is a game of uncertainty, there is always a level to which one could predict the outcome of a said game. A process of evaluation of the two teams always brings up one favourite – even if to the minutest margin.

For Chelsea and Liverpool, it is the Blues that have the upper hand and for obvious reasons. However, I will just state it out in 5 points and here we go…

#5 That Liverpool defence

It all began with a small hole in the wall. A little Dutch boy was walking to his school when he saw sea water trickling down a small pore in the wall. Realising that this could be catastrophic for the whole nation as the wall stood as a barricade between the sea and the land, he decided to act quickly and stuck his finger in the hole to stop the flow and subsequently halting it from burgeoning.

As the legend goes, he soon got help and the hole was fixed and at the end of the day, the nation was saved. Certainly, Jurgen Klopp didn’t learn anything from this lesson as that little hole in Liverpool’s defence has grown so much that it has shattered the wall.

Among the top 10 clubs in the Premier League right now, only 8th placed Watford have conceded more goals than Klopp’s men. Last season, the Reds conceded the most goals among the top 4 clubs, but Klopp still didn’t sign anybody to fill that gaping hole in defence.

Given that the backline of Liverpool is as vulnerable as they come, they are already on the weaker side even before the game has begun.

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