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5 things every Arsene Wenger fan must know about him

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If there was ever a private person, Arsene Wenger would probably be him. Extremely calculated, alarmingly calm and measured to the inch, the man from France has ensured that only his rebuttals make the sports section.

The legendary manager of Arsenal has been at the helm for 16 years now, and he is still as mystical as the day he joined from a little known side from the J-league in Japan. He rarely gives interviews that pitch him as the primary subject, and that is why so little is known about the man. Here are 5 things you didn’t know about Wenger:

33179 Arsenewenger

Wenger is probably the only football manager to have an asteroid named after him!

33179 Arsenewenger, a main belt asteroid, was discovered on March 29, 1998 by Ian P. Griffin, a clear fanatic of Arsenal. He chose to name his discovery after the team’s manager Arsene Wenger, as a tribute to the Invincible season. Wenger is believed to be the only football manager with an asteroid named after him. The asteroid is between 3 and 9 kilometers in diameter, and orbits between Mars and Jupiter.

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Working class by day. Superhero by night. Football fanatic throughout.
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