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5 things we learned from Tottenham 1-2 Juventus

Shyam Kamal
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6.66K   //    08 Mar 2018, 05:40 IST

#3 Need for VAR

Dele Alli constantly fell over from the lightest of touches with no action taken

This match was yet another example of why VAR needs to come soon to the elite footballing competitions, be it the national leagues or European cups.

On several occassions, the referees missed crucial fouls - Juventus should have had a penalty earlier in the first half when Vertonghen fouled Alex Sandro in the box, but was turned a blind eye too - and on other occassions, blatant dives resulted in yellow cards for the opposition.

Dele Alli's reputation as a serial diver was only reinforced further, as he repeatedly threw himself to the floor at the slightest of touches and no repercussions came his way.

During the dying moments of the game, Kane's header hit the post and threatened to go into the goal before it was cleared away, but the play should never have stood - Kane was clearly offside as the replays suggested.

With the current technologies we have at hand, these should not even be issues; even if they aren't perfect, they should be employed and continually refined with time.