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5 world-class football players who retired early

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Real Madrid Training Session - UEFA Champions League Final Previews
Zinedine Zidane, who retired at the age of 34, very recently coached the Real Madrid side

We have already seen the likes of Drogba, Lucio, and Florent Malouda, who are still playing even in their 40s, but it is not just the physical fitness that drives them to play their game well, it is the passion that they carry for the sport, something that keeps the flame alive, and keeps them going even when the sport is evolving to a more fashionable manner.

Some of these legends from the late 90s and the early 2000s are still going on as they do not show any signs of retirement, but there are some who retired way before their breakthrough career even started. With multiple accolades and a hunger for more, some of these menaces gave up way too early, so early that we as football fans didn't even imagine their retirement at that particular point.

Be it injuries that forced them to hang their boots once and for all, or be it the fact that the controversies surrounding them were far too great to allow their play time to be peaceful enough, we certainly do not know.

But there is definitely one question that their fans have always asked them, 'Why so early? Isn't he too young to retire?' The answer, for some, is completely known, as it was obvious enough, but in some cases, we never found out as to what the real reason was. Some legends like Jamie Carragher and Marco Van Basten, who displayed an unbelievable amount of world-class talent left the pitch early and the fans wondering.

The reasons may just be reasons, or simply speculations, but our 5 picks for some of the most famous football players, who gave up way too early is a reflection of what really must've gone wrong.

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