6 interesting things you didn't know about Paula Dybala including the reason behind his mask celebration

Paulo Dybala Paul Pogba
Paulo Dybala with his good friend Paul Pogba

#4 The story behind his Juventus jersey number

Paulo Dybala
Why he chose the #21 jersey?

When Dybala arrived at Juventus from Palermo, he was used to wearing the #9 jersey. However, the jersey was occupied by Alvaro Morata in Turin and he had to choose another number. The Argentine opted for the #21 jersey, which had just been vacated by the legendary Andrea Pirlo, who had moved to the MLS. Long before Pirlo, even the great Zinedine Zidane had donned the #21 jersey at Juventus and thus Dybala considered it to be an iconic number,

Explaining his decision to wear the #21 jersey, Dybala had said in an earlier interview, via Sport English: β€œAt Instituto I always played with No.9. At Palermo, too, and when I arrived here it was taken by Morata and he wanted to keep it. Pirlo had just left, an idol who was wearing [No.21]. The No.21 is like the No.10 at Juve, an important number. It was a test because I wanted to test myself against the weight of a number that represents so many thins here."

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