7 life lessons you can learn from Cristiano Ronaldo

7 life lessons you can learn from Cristiano Ronaldo
CR7 A way of life

4. Have the 'CR7' confidence

Believe in yourself, no matter how tough the situation is. Start working to make it better. Sometimes expressing self-confidence might be associated with your ego and arrogance but to be the best you have to start thinking like the best. Like he says, 'In my mind, I am the best player in the world'

5. Don't let haters and naysayers demean you

Cristiano is also one of the most hated athletes on the planet. According to his haters, he is not a naturally skilled footballer but he uses the hate as fuel, every year he silences millions of haters and adds the number to his billions of die-fans around the globe. Cristiano never takes the hate seriously but he takes his haters seriously, he always disappoints them. He truly believes in the people who believe in him.

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