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A Song that’s found a new tune

1.48K   //    20 Dec 2012, 19:32 IST

At one point in time, Alex Song was a name synonymous with Arsenal. He spent seven years at the club, during which he became a force to be reckoned with. In his time there, he saw players come and he saw them close the door on their way out, but no one could really fault Song his exit, because for the seven years that he was there, his form contributed to many a victory for the team.

When the Cameroonian footballer left Arsenal for the Nou Camp in a mighty fifteen million pounds move, he did leave a gaping void at the Emirates. The midfielder, who is now with Barcelona, has been thoroughly enjoying his Spanish stint, to the tune that he believes that he has gained more credibility as a player; he also went on to say that the technical ability of the team is much higher than the norm and tactically, he learns more with every training session.

Arsene Wenger’s side has been criticized severely this season for their lacklustre and inconsistent performances, and in light of their recent games, Song commented that it hurt him to see Arsenal face such a beating considering the fact that the players are talented, and seeing how Wenger’s efforts aren’t paying off, he believes that the situation isn’t normal. He also subtly suggested that when new players join a side, they need to be given some time to adapt, and once they have had enough time to tap the pulse of the game, their performances subsequently, get better.

The draws for the final sixteen of the Champions League was staged today, and Alex Song, in all earnest, stated before the draw that he would like to play against Arsenal. The midfielder said that going back to where he spent “seven magnificent years” would be special. He also said that if the Spanish giants drew against Arsenal, he would love to back to the club and the fans, even if he wished for the best possible result for his team. Despite his allegiances, he did mention that Arsenal were a strong side and were technically very sound. However, he did have an amount of veiled criticism in his comments when he mentioned that notwithstanding the fact that Arsenal is a big club, Barcelona is a level above them because of the talent of the players that the team boasts of.

Post the summer, Song has sufficiently established himself at Nou Camp and doesn’t regret his departure from London. While he accepts that the league title isn’t under their belt yet, he does believe that they have taken steps in the right direction. With regard to Arsenal, he said that he had a great time there but it was time for him to explore newer pastures, in fact, a pasture so green that he called his new side “one of the best teams in the world”. While Song and Cesc get along famously, Song adds that the duo grew up together at Arsenal and are destined for greater accolades at their new club. With five years left on his contract, Song admits that he has to work hard to earn his spot, while maintaining that he has improved tremendously since the summer.

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