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A Totally Biased Take On The Chelsea vs United Game.

921   //    02 Mar 2011, 13:16 IST

Real pity. I understand if a referee messes up. He isn’t the cyborg we always think him to be. We drop a glass of milk, he doesn’t see a handball. We break light bulbs while playing football, he doesn’t see a late tackle. We break another light bulb while playing football, he doesn’t see another late tackle.

Its all humane and stuff (you know I don’t want to say ‘stuff’. Etiquette.). Everyone makes mistakes. Even if its a hundred times over the course of two different matches between the same two teams, a mistake is a mistake.

Like his un-hair.

Anyone who watched the Chelsea – United game last night, would surely have enjoyed the continuous flow of attacking football on display at Stamford Bridge, but if that referee wasn’t paid, I’d jump off the Eiffel Tower. Which is very far, by the way.

Just before the half time bell, I was singing, nay yodeling, praises for David Luiz. Yes, he plays for Chelsea and his hair is obnoxious, but the guy could play and didn’t look as pretentious as the other Chelsea nuts.

But as their players continue to do, Luiz suddenly grew horns, a long tail, and a Drogba face.

The After Burn episode he saw before the match had a certain influence on his game. He went for powerbombs and spears instead of the usual late sliding tackle and innocent shrug.

And then Vidic was sent off.

Life’s like that, kids. When you’re getting jacked, you’ll eventually get more beaten up.

Now to Anfield, where we happen to be without Vidic, Ferdinand and Evans. Thank god Torres moved. We would have had to win 3-1, instead.


Speaking of Torres, he’s quite pathetic now. He’s a good midfielder. Sprays the ball around efficiently, but in front of goal, he’s like a chicken in a shopping mall.

I may have watched the pre-match show with Sidhu twice.

"I never play cricket. It requires one to assume such indecent postures." - Oscar Wilde
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