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Antagonist Diego Costa a prime reason for FIFA to take action before it's too late

4.54K   //    21 Sep 2015, 11:25 IST
Costa’s successful simulation tactics may backfire as FA set to give their verdict on the incident

Schools days were hilarious. All we ever did was try to bring the next guy down in order to establish our superiority in a quest for popularity. Some guys succeeded and were called bullies, the others who didn’t were the bullied ones.

The bullies were clever—way beyond the level of other kids. They veiled their antics in such a deceptive way that they rarely got caught and, on the contrary, made the teacher believe that they were the victims of harassment instead.

Behind the back of the teacher, they poked, slapped, kicked, threw paper bombs and everything to provoke the others. And, as luck would have it, they would retaliate when the teacher turned around to look—falling in the trap set by the bully and getting the stick from the teacher instead.

Costa involved in some vilest acts possible but wasn’t punished for them

These days, we are getting to see a more advanced and refined and football version of this—and Diego Costa is the main antagonist of this play.

There are so many incidents where this Brazilian-born Spain international has winded opponents that even the sins of Andrei Chikatilo fall short to it.

Be it hustling with Sergio Ramos or trying to rip off Marten Skrtel’s eyes, he has done some of the vilest acts possible—and, the worst part, got away with it. The trick he uses is like that classic bully child; he does the provocation while the referee isn’t aware and plays the victim when he is.

And Gabriel Paulista was the latest victim—and this was not the first time he had a go at the Brazilian and he will certainly not be his last prey.

Football, as it is, was never regarded as a gentlemen’s game. The pushing and pulling and ripping and kicking is too much for the game to be considered as a classy one. However, it is not as ruffian-ish as, say, rugby—but with antics like these, the day isn’t far when football would be regarded as an insane sport.


When kids will watch the game to learn from their idols, they would definitely pick up a thing or two about foul play because, hey, it does work, doesn’t it? We live in a world where winning at all costs is the mentality that is being preached from a very young age, so when children will notice such frolics, it will result into them trying it out in an attempt to weaken their opponents and win the game.

It will all get worse from here unless FIFA does something about it.

FIFA needs to act soon with newer and stricter rules

So far, the approach towards such disgraceful behavior has been soft, to say the least. There are some fines and bans, but not enough to put a barrier in the minds of players before attempting things like these. Sure, there are many more players who do things like Diego Costa—but the key question is: do they do it as frequently as the Chelsea forward?

The answer is a glaring no.

Players like Pepe, Sergio Ramos, Cristiano Ronaldo, Dani Alves, Sergio Busquets, Luis Suarez and so on have had their fair share of intolerable behavior, but where the former Atletico Madrid forward stands out is his repeated attempts at getting the better of his opponents in a non-footballing manner.

What FIFA needs to do is apply stricter laws against condemning acts such as these. Harsher penalties and bans would make FIFA’s stand clear: that they will not tolerate any kind of dark arts that tarnishes the name of the game.

The best case example would be that of Luis Suarez. The former Liverpool forward is known for biting his way into trouble and winding up opponents as well. Almost every defender in the world that faced him had the slightest of thoughts of getting bit by him at the back of their minds.

But after the Chiellini incident, FIFA knew that something must be done. Hence, a lengthy banned ensued and the Barcelona man has been a calmer player since. Not even a single controversial event has surrounded him since the ban. In fact, even his theatrics have decreased to a considerable level.

We are Humans and I am of the opinion that almost all of us can repress our wild side with love and regard. However, when that doesn’t work, the rod of chastisement has to be wielded—because some people just don’t understand the language of affection.

And, with history as a guide, it seems like Diego Costa is one of them.