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Antoine Griezman- Controversy's child himself 

  • Is Antoine Griezman a hero or a zero?
Kartik Mathur
Modified 08 Jun 2019, 11:19 IST

Let's go back exactly 1 year in the past. You are Antoine Griezmann, and things are looking quite bright for you. You have had a very successful season at Athletico Madrid, coming 2nd in La Liga and also winning the Europa League. You then go on to win the World Cup with your country, playing a pivotal role throughout the tournament. Things are looking even better for you, a dream move to Barcelona is inching closer day by day. Life is good. What can go wrong?

Griezmann played a crucial role in France
Griezmann played a crucial role in France's World Cup triumph

How about a lot? Griezmann's career has taken a U-turn since his World Cup heroics. From a Ballon d'Or candidate to the laughing stock of the entire footballing world, the way people see Griezmann has changed. A couple of really crucial decisions, if chosen correctly, would have led Griezmann onto the path of glory. Unfortunately for him, those decisions went wrong, and because of those decisions, his future is in doubt.

It all started last summer, during the summer transfer window. He was poised to leave Athletico Madrid, having his release clause set at around 120 million euros, which is a reasonable price tag for a player of his immense quality. Barcelona was very interested in the Frenchman, seeing him as a potential Neymar or even a Luis Suarez replacement.

A deal was set to be done, only for Griezmann to decide that he wanted to show off his acting skills and release a documentary infamously named 'La decision' ( 'The decision' ), in which he proclaimed his love for Athletico Madrid and his decision to stay at the club. Why he had to release a documentary announce his decision only he will know. What is even more laughable is that Barcelona defender Pique himself owned the production company which produced Pique's documentary. Talk about a slap in the face!

Griezman was the hottest topic in the entire 2018 transfer window
Griezman was the hottest topic in the entire 2018 transfer window

Although that may put him in a negative light from a Barcelona perspective, he would still be considered as a hero by the Athletico Madrid fans. After all, rejecting the chance to play alongside the great Lionel Messi doesn't arrive at your doorstep every single day. Athletico Madrid had also strengthened in the transfer window, with names like Thomas Lemar and Thomas Partey joining the side. So a potential title chase was also on the cards. Could things turn in favor of Griezmann once again ?

The answer is No, things wouldn't turn in Griezmann's favor. Even though Athletico Madrid finished 2nd, they finished a massive 11 points behind winners Barcelona. Following a trophyless season and an underwhelming overall campaign, Griezmann shocked everyone once again, by stating his desire to leave Athletico Madrid. This came just 1 year after he had said that exact opposite and had proclaimed his intention to stay at the club.

This apparently did not sit well with the Athletico Madrid board who, unwilling to entertain any further drama, decided it was best to move him on. Things were about to go from bad to worse for Griezmann, as a few days ago it was reported that the Barcelona squad are themselves not very keen on Griezmann being their potential teammate, due to his off-field theatrics.


Antoine Griezmann has single-handedly, within the space of 1 year, managed to not only sabotage his dream move to Barcelona, but has also managed to become the public villain of every Athletico Madrid fan in the world.

Will Griezmann stay at Athletico Madrid? Will he finally move to Barcelona? Will he release another documentary named 'La decision- Part 2'? It is anyone's guess at this point.

Let me know in the comments below where you think Griezmann will end up at.

Published 08 Jun 2019, 11:19 IST
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