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Arsenal find themselves lost like a child in a topless bar

2.43K   //    20 Mar 2011, 19:24 IST

It’s not uncommon to find travelers lost in places. There is not much to blame them for slip ups like those. What will be questioned though is how prepared they were. Did they have a chance to get lost and if yes, then what are the odds of getting them back on track? Sadly for Wenger and his men, they have found themselves to be lost like a child in a topless bar time and again. For the past few years, Arsenal have worked hard to challenge for top honours only to screw up at the final hurdle against the big boys.  This bathes the question as to whether Arsenal truly belong to the big league or not, do they really frighten teams enough to be counted as genuine contenders.  So far, the answer seems to be no.

A child lost in a crowd; so Arsenal

Arsenal have been improving for the past few years but only just. Ever since the transition period when Henry, Flamini, Bergkamp etc. left, they have indeed come a long way. But they find themselves short only far too often.  Each season appears to start fine, then the odd bad result, then the failure to step up in the big match(es) and finally injury to key players in the crunch time of the season. The baffling question is as to why Arsenal get lost in similar fashion every season for the past few years. It’s high time Wenger faces this question and starts to offer answers.

Wake up Arsene and face the facts

While Arsenal have an abundance of flair and ooze with creative class, what they lack is the physical presence and a leak proof defence. What the world is able to see for Arsenal is the absence of a quality center back and a goalkeeper. However it is hugely surprising that Wenger is unable to see this despite being a first hand witness to defensive mix-ups and goal keeping howlers week in week out. What Arsenal need is not an overhaul but a change in mentality. What they need is one marquee signing and the absence of that has indeed cost them dearly in the past years. The presence of too many mediocre players like Chamakh, Denilson, Squillaci is not something you would like to bank on for a season spanning roughly 55 games on average for a club like Arsenal FC who compete for four major trophies. This finely interwoven team really is lacking the cherry like topping.

The latest draw against West Brom has indeed made Wenger take notice of their character, but it has been the sucker punch Arsenal dreaded would come.  In the hour of need, the title dreams are slowly slipping away from them. It is clear that Arsenal are not worthy of being champions at the moment, not because of the draw against West Brom, but the fact that this is not the first time Arsenal wasted a chance to be at the top of the table. The title drought will continue and again the build up for next season will start positive. They are accustomed by now in finding shine in grey light and are devoid of them when presented with some actually.

This story of Arsenal throwing it all away in crunch situations is becoming a grandma-type folk tale with hardly a twist.  The North Londoners need to take a leaf out of the books Manchester United and Manchester City and learn to be dirty and physical when needed.  Else this trend of nobody taking this team seriously for title contention will continue for many years to come.

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