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Arsenal Transfer News: Chairman Says Gunners Will Consider 'Good' Fabregas Offer

19 Jul 2011, 12:43 IST

Arsenal chairman Peter Hill-Wood has revealed that the club would consider a ‘very good’ offer for midfielder and captain Cesc Fabregas, but said that Barcelona had only made one offer so far and it was deemed unsatisfactory. He also reiterated Arsenal’s desire to hold on to Samir Nasri in spite of the Frenchman refusing to sign a new contract and being the subject of interest from moneybags Manchester City.

Hill-Wood cautious on Cesc, staunch on Nasri

Speaking to The Daiy Star, Hill-Wood suggested that Barcelona might be getting tired of this transfer saga spanning three years, and confessed that they had only made one offer so far ater much public clamouring and talking to newspapers. He said that Arsenal were not averse to considering a proper offer for Fabregas, but that offer hadn’t arrived yet.

He said-

“I am not sure how keen they are. There are still stories in the (Spanish) press, but they don’t talk to us. They’ve made one offer, which works out at around £26m, but that was ages ago.

“But at the moment our situation is very straight-forward: we don’t want to lose him. Obviously if they come up with an offer which was a very good offer we would have to think about it.”

“We have told them a number of times that what they are proposing is unacceptable and yet they haven’t moved on it. I don’t approve of what they are doing, but unfortunately it seems the way of the world right now.”

Talking about Samir Nasri, Hill-Wood was more emphatic in his assessment. He said that Arsenal wanted Nasri to stay under any circumstances and wouldn’t budge from this situation regardless of the size of Man City’s offer.

He said-

“City seem to have more money than anybody else, and they keep splashing it around all over the place. But our position is very straightforward: we don’t want the player [Nasri] to leave.”

It remains to be seen how the Cesc and Nasri situations are resolved, but they have already overshadowed most other transfer sagas of the summer. Stay tuned for more on both fronts.

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