Asmir Begovic reveals what it was like to play under Jose Mourinho

Begovic and
Begovic (left) and Mourinho in training during their time together at Chelsea

Let's agree.,, Jose Mourinho is not the most popular manager around. You'd love it if he was on your side but if he is not, it's difficult to be on his side. And since he has a big personality, he is afforded the limelight for lengths that are a tad unfair.

Jose Mourinho opening a can of worms at press conferences or airing his grievances in the open is often the talk of the town and as such, his character has come under question more than it ever should. However, the fact that Jose Mourinho is adored by several of his players is a testament to the reality that things may not exactly be as we perceive them.

The latest player to come out and declare his admiration for Jose Mourinho is none other than former Chelsea and current Bournemouth goalkeeper Asmir Begovic.

Talking to Sky Sports Goals on Sunday, Asmir Begovic said that Manchester United have got the right man at the helm following their second consecutive home victory after a rather shaky start to the campaign.

Begovic said,

“He’s a very passionate, emotional manager.
“He’s emotional, he feels everything. When things aren’t going his well or right for the team then he feels that.
“He wants success more than anyone and wants the whole team to do really well. I think in that aspect you maybe saw that in some of his actions and stuff.”

Jose Mourinho, one of the finest at man-management at present, seems to be scripting a new success story as Luke Shaw looks set to come good after being shown tough love.

Begovic added,

“Great guy, yeah. Absolutely loved playing for him. My favourite ever manager to play for.
“His character, loves to joke, loves to be funny, but at the same time he gets his message across.
“If he needs to say something the other way and have a pop at you or say it how it is, he just says the truth, he just says how it is and says it in front of everyone.
“I think that’s what most players respect as well.”

Well, this won't go down well with the haters.

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