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Atletico Madrid fans mock Real Madrid by manipulating Google maps

5.89K   //    23 Jan 2016, 15:32 IST
Atletico Madrid fans are passionate and do not like Real Madrid 

The Madrid derby is one that is fiercely contested between Real and Atletico Madrid and recent seasons have seen both teams battle it out at the grandest stage, fighting for silverware. Both teams also enjoy very passionate fanbases with the rivalry between them quite well known. 

Taking the rivalry to the next level, fans of Atletico Madrid decided to use Google maps to poke fun at their rivals Real Madrid and their fans. Atletico fans manipulated Google maps version of Spain successfully to mock Real.

If one searches for coraje y corazon (courage and heart), a key phrase in the Rojiblancos’ team anthem, the modified version of Google maps shows the address of the Vicente Calderon, the home of Atletico Madrid. 

On the other hand, they’ve also made the most of the opportunity to take a dig at crosstown rivals Real Madrid. The term comepipas, meaning seed-eaters, directs one to the address of the Santiago Bernabeu, the home of the 10-time European champions Real. 

That term is generally used in Spain to distinguish fans or people who go to the stadium to watch matches but don’t do anything to vocally support their team, instead sit back quietly and watch the proceedings. 

The manipulation that Atletico fans did showed the Bernabeu as the home of “seedeaters” 

It has always so been that Real Madrid have been the club with the resources and the glamour. The team prides itself on buying the best players out there and are not shy to spend money for the same. The club are also notorious for changing managers, and fans have been known to turn on both their own players and managers if results are not satisfactory. 

Through their prank, Atletico fans are alluding to the same tendencies of Real fans and are also showing how as the supporters of the comparatively smaller club, Atletico Madrid have risen because of the unity between the team and the fans, the spirit with which the players give their all on the field and similarly how the fans are always vocal and openly supportive of their efforts. 

You can check out the Google map links for both here:

Vicente Calderon

Santiago Bernabeu

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