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Barcelona's ban on wheelchair forces specially abled football fan to attend game in baby pram

921   //    26 Nov 2016, 12:21 IST
Barcelona disabled fan
Barcelona fan in a stroller

Over the course of recent years, it has become a priority for clubs across the globe to adapt to safer and comfortable measures to ensure that attending games are made an enjoyable affair. However, there can always be issues with the policies of the clubs that fail to address concerns of different people, and one Barcelona fan had to endure one such evening when he travelled to the Camp Nou to witness his club take on Manchester City in the UEFA Champions League.

Boris Tosas, who is a regular at the Camp Nou, has been forced to go to Barcelona’s games in a baby pram after the club banned wheelchairs inside the stadium. And there has been an understandable furore at the decision of the club with some even going on to claim that the club does not understand it’s primary reason for existence, the fans.  

The decision has left parts of the media as well as fans aghast, and with pictures of fans attending the games in Baby Prams, the Catalan giants could be forced to act on the issue at the earliest to ensure that it does not cause damage to their goodwill.

While that in itself might seem a strong motivation, it is only humane of the club’s hierarchy also to accommodate the needs of specially abled persons who might be keen to witness the game. The club is already looking to upgrade their stadium, and while the blueprint of the refurbished facility has not been made public yet, they must ensure that the facility caters to the requirements of specially-abled individuals.

Football is a game that enthrals millions across the world irrespective of the cast, creed, financial status and even abilities of the individuals that enjoy the sport. While technology has helped carry the glorious game day action to different corners of the world, there can be no true substitute for attending the game in real time. While many take it upon themselves to treat every home game as a holy visit to the shrine of the footballing gods, for some attending a game would tick off an important item off their bucket list.

The ban on wheelchairs that was imposed at the start of the current season has already caused a lot of inconvenience to the fans, and it remains to be seen if the club would temporarily relax it to reciprocate their affection for the fans till the renovated facility is in place.

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