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Best Football Fans in the world

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There is no doubt about the popularity of ‘Football’. Call it football, call it soccer, but it is the same round stitched ball which fans like to be kicked around. Football is the only outdoor sport that is being officially recognized by over 200 countries in the world. Its popularity is matched by no other sport. The Football World Cup, officially known as the FIFA World Cup is the largest sports extravaganza in the world only to be topped by the Olympics. Apart from the national football teams, clubs and football associations have given this beautiful game a new dimension, which has face-lifted the sport to the highest level of popularity. Each football dominated country has scores of clubs that contribute to train and school youngsters who become accomplished footballers in the future. Huge investments in terms of millions of currency are made on the infrastructure, training, wages, transfer, etc, this sport has the glamour in it, just like Hollywood. And so will be the fan following!

Each and every club, whether big or small have at-least some fans depending on whether the locality they are stationed or the number of achievements. For instance, Manchester United have got huge number of fans throughout the world due to their star players and triumphs on the field. And so do Real Madrid, Arsenal, Barcelona and others. Football fans are known for the level of dedication they impose even in the club level. The most intense fans lie mainly in Europe, but the fanfare is also known in other parts of the world ranging from South America to Asia. each club fans have their unique features, which may be the name they bear, outfit, celebrations,…and the list goes on. So rating the best football club fans of the world will be as difficult a task as to find  a needle from the haystack.

A world wide poll to judge the best fans would be more rightful than to just write off from someone’s view. I have tried to bring in the top five football club fans in this article, mainly based on opinion and ‘fan-flair’ but I am pretty sure that not everyone will comply with this.

The Toon Army (Newcastle United)

Supporters at St James Park

Supporters of Newcastle United are often referred to as the Toon Army, the Magpies or the Geordies. They are considered as one of the most dedicated and noisiest crowd in the English football history. The city of Newcastle comes to life when there is any home game played at St James Park. The level of noise produced at the stadium makes the game even more exciting than at any other stadium. Newcastle fans are considered to be very organized and also have an independent supporters group, the Newcastle United Supporters Trust. Considering the level of English football, I suppose Newcastle United fans deserve a place at the top list.

The Kopites ( Liverpool FC)

You will never walk alone…

One of the most successful clubs in English Football history, Liverpool FC also posses the most loyal fans compared to any other club in Europe. Known as the ‘Kopites’, Liverpool fans always travel with the team in large numbers. The team anthem- ‘You will never walk alone’ even sometime outnumbers the home crowd noise when Liverpool play any away game.

Due to the huge number of supporters traveling to many away games, and the hooliganism that is associated with them, Liverpool fans have been part of two big disasters in recent history. First was the 1985 Heysel Stadium disaster, in which 39 Juventus fans were killed. They were penned into a corner by Liverpool fans who had charged in their direction; the sheer number of fans cornered caused a wall to collapse. UEFA laid the blame for the incident solely on the fans of Liverpool, and banned all English clubs from European competition for five years. The second was during an FA Cup semi-final between Liverpool and Nottingham Forest at Hillsborough Stadium, Sheffield on 15 April 1989.  96 Liverpool fans died due to overcrowding in the Leppings Lane End, in what became known as the Hillsborough disaster.

Despite all these shortcomings, Liverpool fans continue with their dedicated support for the club and which has been best witnessed at the Champions League final against AC Milan, when Liverpool were trailing by 3 goals at half time. Kopites, you are in the top five!

The Delije ( Red Star Belgrade)

Red Star Hooligans

A crucial tie at the Crvena Zvezda and the Red Star supporters go uncontrollable. The Belgrade fans are considered as one of the most notorious and uncontrollable crowd in Football history. They are mainly known for the hooliganism they cause at the stadium. But still they are one of the most organized fans with some glittering placard display and fireworks, which give them entry to my list of favourites.

Sao Paulo FC Fans

Action at Estádio Cícero Pompeu de Toledo

Although I couldn’t find any fancy name for the Brazilian fans, they are one of the most exciting fans in South America. Proud to be fans of the third most successful club in Brazilian football history, they are equally matched to any other club’s fans in Europe.

The Gallinas(River Plate)

May the river flow…

River Plate is one of the two best clubs in Argentina. The River Plate fans are also similar to the other fans around the world other than the level of atmosphere they create at the home stadium El Monumental. They share the main rivalry with Boca Junior fans and the match between the two teams are always intense.

A couple of videos to witness about crazy fans….

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